Request for a Ticket Refund

To refund your tickets online, you can do so by submitting a claim through the following link:

  • Customers who have booked  and  issued their tickets through SAUDIA sales offices, the call centers or through SAUDIA website and wishes to refund their ticket, they should cancel their bookings through SAUDIA Sales’ offices, SAUDIA website before or during the refund process to avoid the No-Show Penalty Fee.
  • To refund the paid amount for tickets issued using credit card, booking should be canceled and refunded through SAUDIA website. On the main page, use “Manage Bookings” service, retrieve the booking and then click on “Cancel and Refund” button.
  • In case calling from a number that is not registered in the PNR, then the passenger should contact SAUDIA Guest Care Center via WhatsApp on 920022222. If calling from Outside of Saudi Arabia, please visit the Sales Call Centers contact page.
  • Tickets are eligible for refund only if paid for in one of the following ways: Cash, Check, SADAD, SPAN, VISA, or MasterCard.

Request for an EMD* Refund

To refund your EMD online, you can do so by submitting a claim through the following link:

* Electronic Miscellaneous Document.

  • EMD refund page will accept only compensation EMDs and Ancillary EMDs.
  • Compensation EMDs will be fully refunded to guest’s bank account.
  • Ancillary EMDs are refundable for involuntary cases and through Call Centers only.

General Notes

  • Customers who made their bookings from SAUDIA sales offices or from the call center or from SAUDIA website and did not issue their tickets and would like to cancel their bookings: They are kindly requested to call the call center.
  • If they are registered members of Alfursan, they are kindly requested to call the call center or do the following:
    1. Login to their Alfursan members’ profiles.
    2. Click on "My Trips", select the itinerary they wish to cancel and click display.
    3. On the booking display page, click on "Cancel Reservation" button.