Airport Baggage Delivery: 1- Book the baggage delivery service via 2- Customer lands sends the baggage tag(s) to 97153829090. 3- Customer heads directly to their home or hotel without waiting for their bags at the belt. 4- BUBZ loads baggage on to van. 5- BUBZ collects baggage from belt.

How does it work? 1- Book the service via 2- A DNATA employee arrives at your location. 3- Hand over the bags and recieve the boarding pass. 4- Baggage checked and transported in the cargo area of the plane. 5- Receive your bags when you arrive at your destination. 6- Go directly to the gate when you arrive at the airport. 7- Enjoy your day without your bags. call: +971 52 DUBZ (3829) 090 /

To order the service, please visit