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From Jeddah

Scheduled Domestic Flights from Jeddah
Destination Number of flights weekly
Wedjh (EJH) 3
Hofuf (HOF) 3

*Schedule date period: From 2 Jule 2020.

From Riyadh

Scheduled Domestic Flights from Riyadh
Destination Number of flights weekly
Qaisumah (AQI) 5
Rafha (RAH) 4
Turaif (TUI) 3
Gurayat (URY) 6
Yanbu (YNB) 5
Wadi Al-Dawasir (WAE) 4

*Schedule date period: From 2 Jule 2020.

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Saudi Arabia Travel Conditions Updates

Dear SAUDIA Guest,

  • The resumption of domestic and international flights is linked to the directives issued by the governing authorities.
  • On the following link, you will find the latest updates and information related to Travel Guidelines and Requirements due to COVID-19. Please click here
  • The completion of a reservation and issuance of tickets according to the schedule of flights available on the website does not serve as a confirmation of the operation of those flights on the selected dates in the reservation system.
  • For more information about ticket waivers for domestic and international flights, please click here.

  I understand and agree these travel conditions