Passenger Special Needs


Special counters

In order To help passengers with special needs at the airport, we provided counters for their reception and the necessary services in all major stations.



  • SAUDIA provide wheelchairs for the use of passengers with special needs, and passengers may use it upon request if they wish to do so.
  • If there was an appropriate space available we will store the chairs in the exclusive aircraft. In the case of the lack of adequate space the chair will be transported in the tanks of the airplane.
  • To assist passengers who cannot move within the aircraft cabin or during boarding and disembarkation, SAUDIA has prepared special chairs to move the passengers to or from their seats.
  • For more information please call 920022222.


Flights to / from U.S.

  • Saudia provides special place on flights to/from USA to store one foldable wheelchair in the passenger cabin for special needs passengers.
  • Only one wheelchair shall be accepted in the passengers cabin, this service will be provided to the passenger based on first come first serve.
  • If space is not available in the passenger cabin, your wheelchair will be carried in the aircraft hold as checked baggage.
  • Size and Dimensions of Wheelchair after folding should not exceed (13w/36d/42h)inch.
    The wheelchair will be returned to the passenger upon flight arrival.


Flights to / from France

  • The request of wheelchair services at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport should be at least 36 hours before the departure.
  • Normal waiting time at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport for a wheelchair requested at the reservation is 45 Minutes.
  • If the request is done at the last minutes planning trip (Less than 36hours), waiting time will then depend of the availability of the wheelchairs.



SAUDIA provide stretchers and accessories such as pillows, blankets and curtains to patient passengers who can not travel using the natural or italic seats, it requires action by prior arrangement in case this service is required.


Passengers mobile crane (LIFT-O-MOBIL)

SAUDIA provide mobile cranes to escalate and land passengers with special needs from the aircraft. Advance arrangements are required for this service.


Medical oxygen cylinders

  • SAUDIA provides free medical oxygen on its flights only if the arrangements were requested in advance. It is not permissible for passengers with special needs to carry their own oxygen devices on the plane.
  • In the case where the passenger needs medical oxygen before and after the flight, they must provide the required medical oxygen themselves.
  • The passenger must be accompanied by a person who is fully knowledgeable with the operations of the oxygen system to help them through the flight.

Note: Some Special Needs required visiting Saudia sales office to finalize the requirements for the service. For more information, please call the call center at 92022222.