SAUDIA wins IATA applause after successful safety audit

SAUDIA wins IATA applause after successful safety audit

The International Air Transport Association has renewed the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certificate of Saudi Arabian Airlines for the sixth consecutive year.

Mr. Hussein Dabbas, IATA’s vice president for Middle East and Africa, presented the certificate to Mr. Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser, director general of SAUDIA, during a ceremony at the airline’s headquarters in Jeddah.

Dabbas congratulated the airline for this marvelous achievement and praised SAUDIA’s efforts in following strict international regulations to ensure operational safety. “Saudi Arabian Airlines has implemented an advanced safety mechanism before schedule,” he added.

SAUDIA had requested the international air transport regulator to conduct auditing on the basis of the latest operational safety requirements, which were not mandatory as it would be implemented in September 2015.

SAUDIA has become one of the first airlines from a total 250 airline companies from 150 countries registered with IATA to undergo operational safety audit on the basis of advanced requirements set by the association. IATA registered airlines carry 84 percent of world’s passengers.

In a statement on the occasion, Mr. Al-Jasser said: “We are proud that SAUDIA was able to complete strict operational safety auditing by IATA excellently well before time on the basis of its advanced safety requirements. We are also happy to receive the International Air Transport Association’s applause.”

He said the application of strict safety regulations has been part of SAUDIA’s daily operations. “SAUDIA is one of the first airlines to undergo advanced safety auditing,” the director general said, adding that the national flag carrier has been following international regulations to ensure safety of aircraft and passengers.

“We are also proud that SAUDIA achieved high rates in applying advanced operational safety requirements and that we have received commendation from the international team about operational safety measures followed by the airline in tune with international regulations,” the DG said.

Mr. Al-Jasser said SAUDIA has been strictly following operational safety regulations and has given it top priority.

“We have received the best report from the IATA team on operational safety and quality,” Mr. Al-Jasser said and praised the airline’s committed employees for the achievement.

“Our employees follow the strict safety and quality regulations and measures as they are aware of the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security their passengers traveling on its 500 daily flights,” said the director general.

The IATA vice president Dabbas expressed his happiness over the marvelous outcome of the operational safety audit that was conducted to make sure SAUDIA follows the advanced IATA safety and quality requirements.

The ceremony at SAUDIA headquarters was attended by Mr. Abdul Mohsen Junaid, CEO of Saudi Airlines Company, and other senior officials including the vice president for safety and quality, and vice presidents for air operations, ground services and technical maintenance as well as IATA representative in the Kingdom Mr. Nasser Al-Satti.