Would you like to travel with more space?
Buy Seat+

Seat+ allows you to purchase one or more empty seats next to you in economy class.

  • Extra comfort
  • More personal space
  • Maintain social distance

Enter your details in the fields shown to check if your reservation is eligible for the service.



  1. Complete your data

    In “search for reservation” field, enter your reservation number and last name.

  2. Choose your seat, then the seat beside it

    Start by selecting your seat, then choose the seat next to you. You can select one or more adjacent seats based on the availability seats on your flight

  3. Enter your payment information

    Enter the details of your credit card, The amount will be deducted immediately.

  4. Check and confirm

    A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you that includes your offer details.

Important Notes:

  • Please keep your confirmation email to use it as a reference in your flight.
  • Seat+ service is available only for international destinations.

If there is any inquiries please contact plusupgrade@saudia.com.

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