ALFURSAN has partnered with the Mukafaat Albilad program so our members can convert Mukafaat points to ALFURSAN Reward Miles, helping you earn a Reward Ticket faster!  

With Mukafaat Albilad loyalty program you can convert your Mukafaat points to ALFURSAN Reward Miles at a rate of:  

  • 30,000 Mukafaat points to 1,000 ALFURSAN Reward Miles  



About Mukafaat Albilad 

The Mukafaat Albilad loyalty program rewards their customers by giving Mukafaat points on everyday spend with their Albilad card. Customers can earn 1 Mukafaat point from as little as a 1 SAR spent. These points can, in turn, be converted to ALFURSAN Reward Miles, building your Miles balance towards your next Reward Ticket.  


How to transfer  

  • Log in to Albilad Net  
  • Choose the ‘Mukafaat Albilad’ icon in the main menu  
  • Accept the terms and conditions  
  • Click on “Points” from the main menu  
  • You will find ALFURSAN miles within “Transfer to Airline Partner”  


Terms and conditions  

  • ALFURSAN members must be registered members of Mukafaat Albilad to transfer points.  
  • Customers must correctly enter their ALFURSAN membership ID.
  • Transactions are non-refundable and non-reversible.
  • The points transferred may take up to 10 business days to be processed. 
  • Please refer to the Albilad program terms and conditions by logging into  Albilad Net.
  • References to ALFURSAN Miles or Miles are to be construed as references to “Reward Miles” as defined in the ALFURSAN Program Terms and Conditions.