About Partner:  

“akthr” loyalty program by Alinma Bank gives you more opportunities to earn Reward Miles through earning akthr points on banking products and services. By simply exchanging your akthr points for Reward Miles you can build towards your next Reward Ticket at a much faster rate. 


Earning scheme:  

26 akthr points = 2 ALFURSAN Reward Mile 



Terms and conditions  

  1. ALFURSAN members must be registered members of “akthr” Program to transfer points.  
  2. Customers must correctly enter their ALFURSAN membership ID  
  3. The points transferred may take up to 10 business days to be processed. 4. Please refer to “akthr” Program terms and conditions
  4. References to ALFURSAN Miles or Miles are to be construed as references to “Reward Miles” as defined in the ALFURSAN Program Terms and Conditions