Family Program

ALFURSAN program offers an added advantage that enables you to have a pooling of miles by adding your family members to your membership. You can nominate up to 8 members of your family to associate with your membership record (including spouse, children aged 2 years and above, parents, adopted children and home workers under main member individual sponsorship). Each family member will receive a separate membership number so that all members of the family can enjoy the benefits of ALFURSAN program.


  • Each family member will earn both Tier and Reward Miles. 
  • Children between the ages of 2 and 12 will receive 75% of the flight Miles.
  • Tier Miles are added to each family member independently allowing them to upgrade to higher membership Tiers in the program.
  • Rewards Miles will be collected in the family Program pool.  

Family Program redemption mechanism:

A head of the family program does have the ability to choose who can redeem the miles within the family program account.  

How to enroll a family member:

  • Login to your AlFURSAN account 
  • To add a child member, select the family program, select “family management”, and fill out the required information. 
  • Adding an adult to your family program: If the adult is already an ALFURSAN member, just enter the membership number and an approval request will be sent automatically, and they will be enrolled as soon as it is approved. 
  • Family members who don't have an ALFURSAN membership must register as ALFURSAN members and then can be added after they register. 
  • To enroll family members, send the following documents (PDF attachment is required) to the SAUDIA guest care center on 920022222. . 
    • Family card
    • Passport copy
    • Personal ID copy
    • Relationship indication to the main family member