There are #Count# frequently asked questions
  • 1. What is SkyPriority?

    SkyPriority offers select customers a series of specialized in-airport services – such as priority check-in, baggage drop-off and boarding – that will make their alliance-wide travel easier, faster and more convenient.

  • 2. Why are SkyTeam members introducing SkyPriority?

    SkyTeam is dedicated to delivering the best possible products and services to the customer. SkyPriority is one part of our on-going effort to improve your travel experience. By increasing consistency at airports, we make travel faster and more convenient for our customers.

  • 3. What are the priority services offered?
    • Priority check-in areas.
    • Priority baggage drop-off.
    • Priority service at airport ticket offices.
    • Priority service at transfer desks.
    • Priority lines at security, where available.
    • Priority lines at immigration, where available.
    • Priority boarding.
    • Priority baggage handling.
  • 4. Who is eligible for SkyPriority?

    SkyTeam Elite Plus members and customers with First and Business Class tickets are eligible for SkyPriority.

  • 5. How will I know if I qualify for SkyPriority? Will I receive a special membership card in the mail?

    SkyTeam Elite Plus members and customers with First and Business Class tickets are eligible for SkyPriority.

  • 6. Is SkyPriority available globally?

    Yes, SkyPriority will be available wherever SkyTeam members fly. However, not all benefits may be available at every location (e.g. SkyPriority security/immigration) and the roll-out process will continue throughout 2013.

  • 7. Is SkyPriority applicable to all SkyTeam carriers, including regional carriers and affiliates?

    SkyPriority is applicable for all flights operated by SkyTeam carriers. This includes the SkyTeam carriers’ own regional carriers and affiliates, which fly under the same code of the SkyTeam carrier e.g. KLM Cityhopper or Delta Connection.

  • 8. Can I purchase SkyPriority?

    The services offered by SkyPriority are not available for purchase. SkyPriority is a special travel service that can be utilized by customers with First and Business Class tickets and SkyTeam Elite Plus members regardless of their cabin of service.

  • 9. Is SkyPriority available at every airport?

    Currently, our members have rolled-out SkyPriority at almost 840 airports in the SkyTeamnetwork. The introduction will gradually continue, reaching over 900 airports in 2014.

  • 10. When will SkyPriority be fully implemented?

    The roll-out is expected to be completed in the course of 2013.

  • 11. Do I have to do anything different when I get to the airport (i.e. check in at a different counter)?

    If you are eligible for SkyPriority, you will now find distinctly branded priority service areas. All you need to do is follow the SkyPriority signage. So, regardless of your airline or frequent flyer program, SkyPriority will speed and guide you through your journey with ease.

  • 12. I am an Elite customer. Will I get less service?

    Elite benefits, as shown on each carrier website and on remain unchanged and therefore you are entitled to the same services as before.

    SkyPriority benefits come on top of your Elite benefits. While your current Elite status does not provide you with automatic access to the expanded services of SkyPriority, these services are available should you upgrade to or purchase a First or Business Class ticket.

  • 13. Does priority boarding disappear for Elite members?

    All customers who are eligible for priority boarding, including SkyTeam Elite Plus and Elite customers, can board through the SkyPriority lane. Eligible SkyPriority passengers will be asked to board first, immediately followed by Elite passengers, through the SkyPriority lane.