• How can I refund my ticket?

    You can refund you ticket through refund.saudia.com or through one of Saudia city ticketing offices or telephone call centers.

    Please visit SAUDIA Packages page.

  • What are the ticket types that can be refunded through Saudia website?

    All first issuance revenue tickets, that are issued by one of Saudia’s points of sales through the following forms of payments (SADAD/credit cards/ cash/ checks/ span).

    Please visit SAUDIA Packages page.

  • Can I refund tickets issued through travel agencies?

    You can refund them through the issuing travel agent.

  • Can i refund re-issued tickets through SAUDIA website?

    No, you must visit the nearest SAUDIA Sales office to refund re-issued tickets.
    Please visit Worldwide offices to know your nearest sales office.

  • Can I refund the ticket in case I didn’t get the visa to the required country?

    Refunding tickets undergo fare conditions and you can view those conditions through the following link: please click here.