• Why has SAUDIA created these new Domestic Fare Families?

    The airline has created these new domestic fare packages to introduce added flexibility when purchasing air travel. The main reason is to provide options that cater to the wide array of travelers. For example, a person traveling without a baggage versus a person requiring baggage allowance.

    There are also travelers that require maximum flexibility to change their tickets up until time of departure, versus travelers that are certain of their travel plans and choose to select a lower priced category and forfeit the chance to make changes to their booking.

  • How do these new packages impact ALFURSAN Lounge Access, Redeeming miles, and Additional Baggage Allowances for ALFURSAN members?

    SAUDIA has kept ALFURSAN lounge access, redeeming miles, and additional baggage allowances for their valuable ALFURSAN members as it is.

  • What is SKYEAM alliance?

    Is an alliance amongst 19 airline companies, where they share travel lounges and collecting travel miles in addition to many benefits, for more information please click here.

  • What are the main differences I should know with the new Domestic Fare Families?