A warm welcome to Business travelers

Business travelers need not just in-flight comfort but an environment conducive to either relaxing or catching up on work. We therefore designed Business Class to deliver not only efficient, friendly and caring services, but one that is also unobtrusive, mindful of passengers need for personal space.

As in First Class, a warm welcome is provided through cardamom-flavored Arabic coffee and dates, as well as a selection of the freshest fruit juices.

The Suites On-Board Experience

First Class seats in Business Class

Business Class seats are wide enough to be on other airlines' First Class sections, with generous recline and ample seat pitches to allow for optimum legroom.

Headrests are equipped with adjustable padded wings for maximum comfort while the seats themselves are ergonomically-designed to provide stable lumbar support that is critical especially on long-haul flights.

Seating configuration is likewise generously spacious.

The Business Class seat is Branded as ( Super Diamond seat ) available in B77Z each aircraft consist of 36 seats with the following features:

  • Each seat comes with fully adjustable electric seat that converts to a long, wide seat.
  • Full flat bed.
  • Large, 17-in wide HD screen monitor provides more than 3500 hours of video entertainment
  • Large dining table and ottoman.
  • A touchscreen panel gives the passenger complete control over the seat.
  • Lighting and privacy divider, while a customized credenza stowage area reveals a place for personal item stowage.
  • Privacy divider in the center seat.


All seats are equipped with special monitors that may reach up to 15 inches in some aircrafts. A remote control will provide you with complete flexibility for your personal entertainment during the trip.

The entertainment system provides 24 stations of video on-demand in some aircrafts, and up to 40 stations on others. In addition, the system has over 12 audio stations, and many video games for to choose from.

The "airshow" allows you to chart your flight's progress which will indicate the direction of Al-Qiblah. This constantly updated map reads information directly from the aircraft's navigational system and displays it on your screen for you to follow. In addition, the entertainment system allows you to enjoy stunning views through the forward and downward facing cameras, a true "pilot's eye view".

And finally, The SkySales catalogue facilitates the delivery of your purchases to your mailing address through our systems.

We kindly request that you provide us with your input and feedback on our system survey.

International cuisine

International cuisine is as diverse as the airline’s destinations. It features Arabic, Western, a dish from the destination country and vegetarian choices.

Three choices of hors d'oeuvres Arabic, Mediterranean, healthy choice and two types of soup are also offered. Likewise, multiple choices of entrees with accompaniments to suit. As a fitting finale, there is a choice of hot and cold desserts or fruits, and of course a wild selection of teas and single origin coffees, including espresso and cappuccino , and serving selection of international ,local sparkling and still water . Also we do offer Bellini as signature drink, along with moktails, antioxidant, smoothie, fresh and natural juices.

Dine on demand dining

Meantime, for Business Class passengers who want to follow their own schedule, a full variety of meals are available from full set menu or comfort food prepared onboard by your onboard-dedicated chef.


Overnight kits are given to all passengers for their personal care needs during the flight. Children's bags are provided to those under the age of 12, which include books, games and other items to keep them occupied specially during long flights.

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