01 March 2020


SAUDIA has decided to waive all tickets and EMDs restrictions (issued with confirmed reservations from and to kingdom of Saudi Arabia) :


  • All passengers with Umrah visa.
  • Passengers holding confirmed tickets to or from the following countries, or who have visited those countries within the last 14 days. (People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, Korea Republic, Macao, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Philippines, Singapore, India, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Somalia, Vietnam).
  • Saudi and GCC nationals traveling with national ID cards from/to GCC countries (unless currently returning to their country of residence).


  • Changing the starting point or final destination to the nearest destination in the same area without fees or fare difference for one time only.
  • Reroute to any other station (as requested by the guest) without fees and for one time only with the fare difference, if any.
  • Refund without fees.
  • (Revalidation/ Reissue /No-show/Go-show) without fees or fare difference for one time only.
  • Refund/revalidation for ancillary service EMD without fees example: (extra baggage, seat selection…etc.) for one time only.
  • Umarh groups: Refund without fees (TKTS or EMDs) only.

Effective 24th of Feb 2020 till 13 Mar 2020.