31 December 2015

Prohibition of Lithium Battery Powered Self-Balancing Personal Transportation Device

To ensure the safety of guests, Saudia will no longer accept Lithium battery powered self- balancing personal transportation devices, for some examples of devices include: hover board, balance wheel, air wheel, solo wheel. These items will be prohibited as both carry-on and checked baggage on all domestic & international flights and all Saudia connecting flights according to IATA recommendations and Saudia Special Loads Board (SV SLB) restrictions.



If a guest carries a lithium battery powered self- balancing personal transportation device as illustrated in the above pictures to be taken on an aircraft as either a checked bag or carry-on, then:

  • The guest will be notified that these items are prohibited on our aircraft due to the lithium battery that powers these devices.
  • The guest will notice the device shall be denied to board, but never deny the guest from boarding the aircraft.
  • The guest will notice that Saudia will not be responsible for shipping the device on behalf of the guest. The guest should be advised to make alternate arrangements.


If an agent discovers a lithium battery powered self-balancing personal transportation devices in a guest's checked baggage after check–in, then the device will be removed from the baggage.