15 October 2014

New security measures for flights departing To/From USA and UK

  • Based on the instructions issued by the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and British Department for Transport (BFT) about implementing new security measures for flights departing to/from USA and UK.
  • For security purposes all carry-on baggage will be checked by security officers for flights arriving and departing to/from USA and UK including all electronic devices (as Smart phones, Cameras, Laptops, I pads, smart watches ...etc.) Passengers will be asked to power up their devices at airport security. Powerless devices will not be permitted onboard the aircraft or confiscated.
  • For all passengers who are traveling to/from USA and UK, it is necessary of charging their devices to avoid being banned by the airport security from carrying their baggage or electronic devices onboard the aircraft. 
  • Also, that Saudia doesn’t provide lockers for those devises and isn’t responsible in case of loss.