01 September 2010

New requirement for extra passenger data collection for passengers travelling to and from the USA

Beginning 1st November 2010, all travelers To, From, Through and Overflying the USA will be required to submit additional information, at least 72 hours before flight departure. These details are:
- Full Name, which matches their passport.
- Date of Birth, in Gregorian format.
- Gender, Male (M) or Female (F).

This gives US authorities time to complete all necessary checks so that they can assess that the passenger is cleared or not cleared to make the trip. There are additional, secondary checks done when the passenger checks in which give a final clearance status.

For reservations made less than 72 hours before departure and go shows/standby:
Flights will close 6 hours before flight departure, and reservations will still be accepted up to that point. However, in this circumstance, the passenger has not complied with one of the rules. This does not mean that a passenger making a reservation within 72 hours of departure to the US will not be allowed to board. It is still possible that a passenger at check in will be given cleared status to board, but this is at the total discretion of the US authorities.

In either case, the decision for accepting a passenger for travel to the USA is entirely that of the US Authorities.