01 June 2010

Advance Issuance of Boarding Passes 1/7/2009 to 10/8/2009

Advance Issuance of Boarding Passes to the following stations:
Alexandria, Sharm el-Sheikh, Beirut, Kuala Lumpur, Europe (Except: Istanbul, Madrid and Malaga) during the period from 1/7/2009 until 10/8/2009


All First and Business class passengers traveling on the following flights; Beirut, Alexandria, Sharm El-Sheikh, Kuala Lumpur, and Europe (with the exception of Istanbul, Madrid and Malacca) MUST issue their boarding passes in advance during the period from 1/7/2009 until 10/8/2009, and are required to follow the following procedures:

Issue their boarding pass 15 days prior to their scheduled flight departure date. Kindly note that the last day and time to issue a boarding pass is 7 days prior to the flight at 18:00 local time. If the boarding pass was not issued by then, all reservations will be canceled by the assigned deadline.

You may issue your boarding pass from any of our service or sale offices by following the proper procedures.

You must reconfirm your return flight booking 72 hours before departure by contacting any of our offices located outside the Kingdom. If you fail to reconfirm, your booking will be canceled within the period from 10/8/2009 until 31/8/2009. This applies to all above mentioned destinations in addition to: Cairo, Malaga, and Madrid.