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ALFURSAN Launches A Partnership Agreement With APSCO

SAUDIA has partnered with The Arab Petroleum Trading Company (APSCO), the owner of the Mobil Oil Service Chain, which will allow ALFURSAN members and Mobil center customers to benefit dually and earn more miles, rewards and access to premium services.

This event comes within the framework of strategic development plans and projects to satisfy members of  ALFURSAN program by offering a high-level incentive package with Saudi specifications, and this partnership is the result of an alliance keen to offer services that reflect the interest of the members and achieve their excellence, and push them for more trust and loyalty."

More details about this partnership to be announced soon.

SAUDIA wins awards for the comforts provided to its inflight guests

SAUDIA  has won 3 new awards in terms of its air services as part of the 2019 Travel plus awards, where it was awarded the best gold medal for first class sleeper suit and the best business comfort kit for business class the middle east, along with one of the best comfort selections for the high commended award for economy class for International flights.

Saudi Arabia's award sits as an extension of its many awards in this field in previous years, as it has become one of the most prominent companies renowned for the quality of the amenities provided on board flights.


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