Our partnership with STC enables you to exchange your Al Fursan Miles to Qitaf points and vice versa:

  1. Transfer Alfursan miles to Qitaf points.
  2. Transfer Qitaf points to Alfursan miles.

Exchange rates:

Exchange rates
From To Quantity Equal
Fursan miles Qitaf points 10 miles 1 Qitaf point
Qitaf points Fursan miles 1 point 6 miles


*Transaction will be completed within 24 hours at no additional cost.


How to sign up? If its your first time exchanging the AlFursan Miles to Qitaf Points.

  • Log in to your Alfursan account ALFURSAN Login.
  • Below Alfursan miles, click on Register for miles transfer.
  • Fill out the required information and then click send.
  • Similarly, if you want to transfer your Qitaf points to AlFursan Miles, simply visit STC website Qitaf Fursan Exchange Program and follow the process.

How Transfer AlFursan Miles to Qitaf points:

  • Login to Alfursan account.
  • Under Alfursan miles click on transfer miles
  • Insert Alfursan miles amount you would like to transfer and then click Convert.
  • You can then click on transfer to start the exchange process.

Number of miles allowable to transfer to Qitaf

Number of miles allowable to transfer to Qitaf
Card type Avg. amount Max amount per year
Blue 1000 15000
Silver 1000 30000
Gold 1000 45000


General rules to transfer miles:

  • Members should have at least 5000 miles available in their account.
  • Allow 24 hours before making another transaction.
  • Transfer miles to points must be 1000 and it’s multiplies.
  • Pre-paid lines are ineligible for exchange to QITAF.