Zagzoog for Home Appliances

Zagzoog for Home Appliances, email:, web: www., Telephone: 920022766, Customer
relation Telephone: 9200004111, YouTube: z4hachaneel

About Partner:

Zagzoog Company for Home Appliances has (20) branches, (95) showrooms throughout the Kingdom, (20) customer service centers, with providing the best services to all customers, starting with delivery, installation, and after-sales service, to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction. Also, the Zagzoog Company has several companies, the most important of which is the Zagzoog Company for Air Conditioning and Maintenance, which specializes in providing split installation and split ducting services, as well as providing the best maintenance services to customers. There is also one of the company's subsidiaries, Dunya Metal Factory, which specializes in providing duct raw materials, air distribution and decoration works in the Kingdom.

With Zagzoog Company for Home Appliances showrooms, you can get one reward mile for every 2 riyals you spend on home appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners from showrooms or online. All you must do is present ALFURSAN membership card when purchasing from the showroom or enter your membership number When purchasing online.

Earning scheme:

  • One reward mile for every SAR 2 spent.

Terms & Condition:

Present up your ALFURSAN membership in the Zagzoog store or enter ALFURSAN membership number when shopping online, the terms and conditions apply:

  • Miles cannot be accrued in discounts, special offers and flat rates.
  • Miles cannot be earned in case of purchasing products (screens - window air conditioners).
  • Miles due in the invoice upon delivery to the customer.
  • Miles is credited to members' account from 30 to 60 days from the date of purchase.

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