Family Program

The ALFURSAN family program offers a great opportunity for you to pool your Reward Miles together with those earned by your family members, helping reach your next Reward sooner.

You can nominate up to 8 family members to join your family program, including your spouse, children aged 2 years and above, parents, adopted children, and home workers under your individual sponsorship.


Earning Miles:

Each family member will receive a separate membership number, allowing them to earn Tier Miles towards their own membership status. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 will receive 75% of the Miles earned on flights, while all other members will receive the full amount of Miles earned for their flights.

Tier Miles are added to each family member's account independently, allowing them to upgrade to higher membership Tiers in the program and enjoy even more exclusive privileges. While Reward Miles earned by each family member will be collected in the family program pool, making it easier for families to accumulate Miles at a faster rate, sending them on their next holiday sooner.


Redeeming Miles:

As the head of the family program, you have the ability to choose who can redeem Reward Miles within your family account, helping you best manage how your family’s Miles are redeemed.


Enrolling Family Members:

  1. Login to your ALFURSAN account
  2. Select ‘Family Program’
  3. Select ‘Family Management’
  4. Select ‘Add Member’ and choose either ‘Adult’ or ‘Child’
  5. Fill in the required fields
  6. Attach (where specified) a pdf document containing the following information:
    · Family card
    · Passport copy
    · Personal ID copy
    · Indicate the relationship to the main family member

(the document must support pdf, jpg, jpeg, application/pdf, and image/jpeg files. Make ensure that your file's size is no more than 10 MB. You can upload only one file, the file name must not include spaces or special characters)

If your family member is already an ALFURSAN member, simply enter their membership number and an approval request will be sent automatically. They will be enrolled in your family program as soon as their request is approved.

Family members who do not have an ALFURSAN membership must first register as ALFURSAN members and then can be added to your family program after they register.