Family members program

ALFURSAN program offer an added advantage that enables you to earn more reward miles by linking family memberships to the main membership. You can nominate 8 members of your family to associate with your membership record (includes spouse, children aged 2 years and above, parents, adopted children and home workers under main member individual sponsorship). Each of them will receive separate membership number, so that all members of the family can enjoy the benefits of ALFURSAN program.


Earn reward miles with family:

Each family member will earn both miles (tier miles and reward miles) same as the main membership except the reward miles for family member will be transferred to the main membership automatically and directly. This allows you to accumulate bonus miles into one account instead of distributing them, so you will have more chances to redeem them.

* Children between the ages of 2 and 12 will receive 50% of the flight miles.

* Tier Miles are added to each family member independently to allow them to upgrade to higher membership levels in the ALFURSAN program.


Redeem reward miles:

Main membership reward miles can be redeemed only by the main member and can be redeemed for any family members registered with the main membership.


Registration of family members:

Family members can be registered by sending the required documents (family card, passport, personal ID or any relation proof) to ALFURSAN Care center email ( with the main membership number and clarifying the type of relationship (wife, father, daughter) If you are unable to do so, please call ALFURSAN Care Center for more information.