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You can contact us from anywhere in the world, by phone, email or WhatsApp, and all services will be provided to members or you can access your own page on the ALFURSAN website and benefit from all services.


Alfursan Care Center 

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Whatsapp: +966540000005
Post: Saudia, PO Box 24724, Jeddah 21446, Saudi Arabia
Fax: +966 14847 9480

Note: To contact any of the service centers, the contact should be done through the mobile, the landline or the email registered on your membership account in order to avail the service (you have to provide your membership number).


Alfursan Care Center
Country or Territory Telephone Number
Saudi Arabia 920022222 within KSA
+966 14847 9797 Outside KSA (Alfursan Queries)
+966 12686 1010 Outside KSA (Reward Tickets)
Jordan +962 65777766
UK +44 3712004433
France +33 820200505
Italy +39 06895848
Switzerland +41 848006600
Germany +49 1803698888
Spain +34 911880020
USA +1-800-472-8342
Canada +1-855-588-0999
Turkey +90 8504551601