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Web check-in

We are glad to present our latest service that makes your airport formalities even easier and comfortable. The web check-in save time at the airport and before you've even packed your suitcase. Follow simple instructions and save precious time.

Mobile check-in

  • Mobile check-in shall be available on all Domestic & International Flights except for USA flights.
  • When mobile checked in passengers arrive at the airport to check-in their baggage, agent shall accept the baggage as normal, verify travel document and print a normal boarding pass against his information saved in the mobile.

Opening & Closing Times of Flights

  • Check-in counters shall be opened for check-in any time between 48 and 1 hour prior to flight departure.
  • Check-in counters shall be closed for check-in not later than one hour for all flights before the scheduled time of departure.
  • At some stations local authorities, facilities and security measures may require to determine opening and closing time for their flights.
  • Boarding Gates shall be closed 20 minutes for all flights before the scheduled time of departure.
  • If a passenger fails to arrive in time at check-in counter or boarding gate or appears improperly documented and not ready to travel, “Saudia” may cancel the space reserved for the passenger and will not delay the flight. The Company is not liable to the passenger for loss or expense due to the passenger's failure to comply with the provisions of this article.


Saudia’s Emergency Evacuation Functions and Selection Criteria, below, ensures that Saudia will not seat any passenger in a seat designated as an exit row seat if it is determined that the passenger would not be able to perform any of the following emergency evacuation functions because :

a) If the person lacks sufficient mobility, strength, or dexterity in both arms and hands, and both legs individually or if it is determined that the person would need the help of another person to perform the following tasks:

  • To reach upward, sideways, and downward to the location of emergency exit and its operating mechanisms.
  • To grasp and push, pull, turn, or otherwise manipulate those mechanisms.
  • To push, shove, pull, or otherwise open emergency exits.
  • To lift out, hold, deposit on nearby seats, or maneuver over the seatbacks to the next row objects the size and weight of over-wing window exit doors.
  • To remove obstructions similar in size and weight to over-wing exit doors
  • To reach the emergency exit expeditiously.
  • To maintain balance while removing obstructions.
  • To exit expeditiously.

b) Or the inability to:

  • Locate the emergency exit.
  • Recognize the emergency exit opening mechanism.
  • Comprehend the instructions, either in printed, graphic, or oral form for operating the emergency exit.
  • Operate the emergency exit.
  • Assess whether opening the emergency exit will increase the hazards to which passengers may be exposed.
  • Follow oral directions and hand signals given by a crew member.
  • Stow or secure emergency exit doors so that it will not impede use of the exit.

c) Must be at least 15 years of age and able to perform all functions without the assistance of another adult, parent or relative.

d) The person has:

  • A condition or responsibilities, such as caring for small children, that might prevent the person from performing one or more of the applicable functions listed in paragraph (b) of this section; or
  • A condition that might cause the person harm if he or she performs one or more of the applicable functions listed in paragraph (C) of this section.

e) If the person lacks the visual, auditory, or verbal ability to understand or communicate instructions aside from normal glasses or a hearing aid, they shall not be seated in an exit row.


  • Web & Self Service Machines shall be available on all Domestic & International Flights except for USA flights.
  • Passenger will be required to get their travel documents verified at check-in counters prior to proceeding to the boarding gates through different communication channel that for international flights only.
  • Boarding passes issued through web are different from those boarding passes issued from regular check-in counters in shape and layout (A4 Paper Size).
  • Passengers who have already checked-in & holding advance Boarding Passes issued via Web or Self Service Machines shall proceed to Baggage Drop Counters (or any vacant counters).

Web check-in Eligibility

Web check-in is currently available:

  • For passengers holding a confirmed, valid e-ticket only.
  • For those holding eligible travel document (valid national card/ iqama).
  • For a group of maximum 09 passengers and maximum of four segments per passenger.
  • Traveling with or without baggage.
  • Using a computer that is connected to an Internet along with working LaserJet printer to print boarding passes.

Web check-in Restrictions

Web check-in is currently not available to customers who are:

  • Holding paper tickets.
  • Passengers on standby.
  • Traveling on international destination.
  • Traveling as an unaccompanied minor.
  • Traveling with PET.
  • With special needs that require passenger to see a "Saudia" representative at the airport.

Once the boarding pass is printed:

  • Please read the notes printed on your boarding pass carefully.
  • If the passenger is unable to take the flight after printing the boarding pass , the passenger must cancel the boarding pass either online or at the airport check-in counter at least one hour prior to departure time.
  • Passenger will have to present the boarding pass printout along with valid photo identification to the security and to the "Saudia" customer services agent as he/she boards the aircraft at least 45 minutes prior to departure time.
  • If the passenger fails to present the required document, Saudia reserves the right to deny the passenger(s) from boarding.
  • If the passenger has any check-in baggage, the bags will have to be presented at "Saudia" check-in counters well in advance of the boarding time (at least one hour) prior to departure time.
  • Passengers who are eligible to inter the lounge will have to present the boarding pass print to the lounge representative.
  • If the passenger does not report at the boarding gate until 20 minutes prior to departure time then the passenger will be offloaded from the flight as per current procedure used at the airport. The passenger will be liable for applicable gate no show charges.