Prepaid Seats
Prepaid Seats

Seats Reservation Service

Terms & Conditions

  • (Reissue/ Rebooking/ Reroute/ Refund) are not allowed.
  • The validity of the voucher is for one year from the date of issuance.
  • In the event of (No Show) the guest will lose full value of the seat selection voucher.
  • SAUDIA reserve the right to change the prepaid seat before and after boarding the aircraft for safety reasons or any reason related to safety procedures and that when the guest not adhere by the set out safety conditions that approved by guest during the online or mobile booking of the seat, therefore the guest will lose the eligibility of refund the voucher.
  • SAUDIA will make the necessary actions to accommodate the selected seat (free & paid), due to operational circumstances or reasons beyond the control of SAUDIA we may not grantee the selected seat and the guest can request for a full refund to the amount paid for seat selection by contacting Saudia call center or online contact form. For compensations, please contact us via our Online Contact Form.
  • When booking a seat for a guest requesting a baby bassinet, due to operational reasons SAUDIA may not have sufficient carry-cots on-board for each reserved carry-cots position.

Extra seat

Terms & Conditions

  • Services must be requested in advance from call center\sales office.
  • This service is available on the Economy class only.
  • The additional seat is allowed for all Domestic and International flights (one way / round trip / connection flights) within SAUDIA network only.
  • The additional seat is not allowed for upgradable ancillary service to Business or First class.  
  • Free baggage allowances shall be accepted based on the ticket.
  • In case of denied boarding, compensation shall be made on the basis of one passenger.

Ladies Pre-Paid Seat Selection Service

Terms & Conditions

  • This service is available on SAUDIA's Domestic Flights in Saudi Arabia only.
  • Exclusion of ALFURSAN Golden / Elite Plus members and their escorts of women listed in the booking record from paying the fees for this service.
  • Exclusion of ALFURSAN silver / Elite members only without their escorts of women from paying the fees for this service.
  • In case of no show, the guest will lose the full value of the service (EMD).
  • (Rebook/Reissue/Refund) are not allowed.
  • This service can only be ordered before a 24 hours of the departure time.
  • This service can be made on the Guest (Flex) class.
  • SAUDIA has the right to change the pre-paid seat of the guest after boarding the aircraft for security reasons or any safety reasons if the guest does not comply with safety requirements.

Seating in the Emergency Exit Rows

When booking the seats in the exit emergency rows the standards for those passengers to be seated in exit row seats are as follows:

  1. Passenger should be sufficiently mobile to push, pull, shove or otherwise open emergency exits, maintain balance while removing obstructions, stabilize an escape slide after deployment and assist others in getting off an escape slide.
  2. Should not be less than 15 years of age.
  3. Understand the instructions related to emergency evacuation both written/visual and verbal from crew.
  4. Possess visual and oral capacity to locate emergency exits and respond to hand signals or oral directions given by a crew member.
  5. Able to convey information to other passengers.
  6. Passenger has no condition of responsibility (such as but not limited to: caring for small children, infants or incapacitated passenger unable to take care of themselves).
  7. Willing to help other passengers evacuate the aircraft in Emergency from the Emergency exit.