Saudia Ramadan service consists of specially crafted iftar meals on board, relevant programming on its inflight entertainment system, and the distribution of dates and water on the ground for those breaking their fast.



Comfortable Prayer with SAUDIA

Most of Saudia flights have prayer room onboard. Which means our guests can pray with comfortable prayer while flying around the world.



Discover Saudia prayer room onboard

The mini prayer room, located at the very back of the plane, has a screen that assists in finding the right praying direction (Qibla) , wall railings that can be held during sudden turbulence and for praying mats, and also curtains to provide privacy.

The prayer room is located at the very back of the plane, in the center section between the last three rows of economy. There are curtains on both sides, there’s room for 10 people.

It’s certainly an interesting feature, when you think of how many people that could otherwise pray in this space.

Our guests can hearing the travelling Dua’a (Muslim supplication before flying.

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Saudia meals on board

As a global airline, Saudia has been delighting customers’ palates with regionally-inspired cuisine, and special seasonal menus for widely celebrated events like Ramadan. Its illustrates the airline’s commitment to providing customers a comfortable journey throughout the holy month.



Saudia Iftar/ Suhoor on board

Saudia Ramadan service consists of specially crafted iftar meals on board, Saudia provides iftar boxes with a nutritional meal for customers breaking their fast on board. The boxes designs are inspired by the Middle East, its people, places and culture.

Our iftar boxes include refreshing beverages and dried fruits and nuts, followed by a nutritious meal. All of our inflight meals are halal and prepared with care to ensure a balanced diet. Our crew will let you know when it’s time to break your fast on board. And we’ll also be serving dates and water at selected boarding gates if you’re flying close to iftar or suhoor.

These special meals will be available to passengers across all cabin classes on select Saudia flights that coincide with iftar times.

Saudia utilises a unique tool to calculate the correct timings for imsak (the time to commence fasting) and iftar while in-flight. When the sun sets, passengers will be informed of the iftar time by the captain.




Ramadan in our lounges

Throughout the month of Ramadan you’ll find traditional sweets in our SAUDIA lounges. Break your fast when the sun goes down with water and dates. And savour a flaky baklava and other treats with coffee before you fly.

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Saudia CTOs working hours during Ramadan


Saudia CTOs working hours during Ramadan
  Working Hours
Offices Type Cities Morning Night
Main Offices Riyadh From 10:00 Till 16:00 From 21:00 Till 02:00 (after midnight)
Other Offices - From 10:00 Till 16:00
Airport Offices
SAUDIA club in Riyadh From Saturday till Thursday: from 9:00  till 23:00
Friday: From 9:00 Till 11:00 Friday: From 13:00 Till 23:00
Dammam Sunday till Saturday: From 12:00 Till 18:00 Sunday till Saturday: From 19:00 Till 1:00
Al-Rawdah office in Jeddah From 11:00 Till 17:00 From 20:30 till 2:30 (after midnight)


Note: In these locations, baggage is accepted for International flights excluding (USA, Canada, UK)

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What to watch on board

Saudia’ inflight intertainment features special religious programming, as well as Ramadan entertainment. The special Ramadan programmes are part of the diverse content available on board including Islamic content from videos to audio are also available in addition to recitation of the Holy Quran in full.



A re-designed entertainment platform has been simultaneously created to complement the addition of the new content, making it seamless for guests to scroll through the categories


Entertainment Guide

Wireless Entertainment System



Onboard Wi-Fi

Newspaper & Magazines



Ramadan Packages


Visit our destinations and experience Ramadan
Umrah Package




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