SAUDIA Wireless Entertainment System

SAUDIA is proud to offer our valued customers an amazing new way to experience inflight entertainment available onboard selected A320 Aircrafts* at no extra fees.

Your first Wi-Fi entertainment experience is seconds away from starting onboard. Just download the app on your tablet and enjoy a wide range of entertainment.

* Available on all flights from/to Saudi Arabia to/from Frankfurt, Rome, Milan, Geneva, and different regional and domestic flights.

SAUDIA Wireless Entertainment Guide

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Instruction of use

You can enjoy our wireless entertainment by connecting to most Apple devices (iPhones, iPads), Android phones and tablets as well as Windows 7 & Mac OS X laptops. 

Once the aircraft has reached cruising altitude, connect your device to SAUDIA’s aircraft network by selecting “mie Wi Fi” or “mie Wi Fi MAX” in your Wi-Fi Settings.

Apple Devices

To download the free SAUDIA Entertainment app, please go to iTunes.

If the app has not been installed prior to the flight, a majority of the programs will be available to enjoy by going to http://saudia.entertainment from the Safari browser*.

* Programs marked with a key icon will not be available to play in the browser.

Download link for iOS:

Android Devices

Launch the browser, go to: http://saudia.entertainment and follow the on-screen instructions to download, install and launch the Saudia Entertainment app.

Download link for Android:


Launch the browser, go to http://saudia.entertainment and begin navigating. To enjoy a video program, download and install our plug-in*.

* For some corporate laptops, the security software may not allow the installation of the SAUDIA Entertainment plug-in.

Supported devices

  • iOS 6 & 7 (all Wi-Fi devices).
  • Android 2.3 to 4.4 (all Wi-Fi devices).
    *Android users can download the App before departure or through the aircraft network.
  • Windows Vista & 7, Chrome, Firefox and IE10.
  • Mac OS X up to 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

Note: We do not support Windows Phone (any version), Windows 8/8.1 RT and Blackberry (any version).


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