UON service

Enjoy home entertainment experience while onboard

UON service for high speed internet and international roaming enables you to stay connected to your loved ones, your office, and your favorite website and streaming apps all while traveling.

Internet coverage

To connect to our service on your smart device start by enabling Wi-Fi, then connecting to the UON wireless network from your device and following on-screen instructions. You will be redirected to our list of service options, which includes a detailed list of our available packages and payment plans. For optimal service utilization, consider turning off unused background applications. For customer support, you can use the live chat service.

International Mobile & Data Roaming:

To use your device, start by powering on the device and turning off airplane mode. UON’s network indicator will appear on your screen. You can make a call by dialing in the following format: 00 + country code+ phone number. The price associated with calls while on board are determined by your service provider’s international roaming rates and will invoiced on your bill at the end of the billing cycle.

Please set your mobile device to silent mode out of courtesy to other guests. The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited while the mobile sign is illuminated. If there no mobile sign you can ask one of the flight attendants for more information.

Due to the complexity of the satellite technology and connectivity, service quality can vary. We recommend closing any unused applications or pages as well as limiting VPN usage. Please keep in mind that our connection utilizes geostationary satellites orbiting 22,000 miles above the earth, and while flying at over 36,000 feet and travelling at approximately 50 miles per hour this can affect the speed of connection time.

For notes & comment, please contact us on: info@uon.aero