Asia & Far East Flights

The passenger may enjoy different hors d'oeuvres and a wide selection of main courses.

Passengers on special diets may enjoy our alternative healthy choices as well.


Please find bellow a sample menu for our First Class service offered on our Flights to Asia and Far East:





A wide selection
of Juices, Soft Drinks, Diet Drinks, and Hot Drinks.
A Fresh Mixed Salad Offered with a choice of dressing.


Main Course Options


Beef Emince
Tender slices of beef presented with pepper sauce, fresh carrots baton, courgette and pasta tortalini with vegetable cream sauce.
Grilled chicken breast
Grilled breast of chicken, on top of mustard sauce served with potato chateau and mixed stew vegetable.
Prawn Biryani
Succulent king size prawn braised in spicy yoghurt sauce served with biryani rice, garnished with mint and fried onion.




Mocha cream cake - seasonal fresh sliced fruit.


Please accept our apology if your choice is not available due to previous passenger selection.