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Take the lead with SAUDIA and let’s save the planet

Dear planets savers,

Thank you for being a valuable part of our commitment to the environment.

Climate change is the greatest challenge facing our planet and air travel produces millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide each year (about 3% of all global carbon dioxide emissions). It is one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gases.

SAUDIA continually strives to continually improve our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.  We are committed to becoming an industry leader in sustainability and to minimize the environmental impact of our operations, in the air, on the ground and throughout our entire supply chain.

As part of this commitment, SAUDIA has selected some sustainability initiatives that will help us to minimize our environmental footprint and produce much fewer emissions.

“ If 200 passengers on a 10-hour flight reduce their weight by 7 kg each, they would stop the production of 7200 kg of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.”

Let's Get Involved


Greens Points is a bold but straightforward program that will reward you, dear Guest, for making decisions that help us reduce waste of food, fuel and materials.

You will receive Infinite Green Points for pre-selecting your meal before travel from a menu that is designed to be an Eco-friendly experience.

In partnership with the Red Sea Farms, your menu showcases high-quality organic vegetables, grown with reduced carbon and water footprints.

You can also earn Infinite Green Points by opting out of receiving an amenity kit, as a further contribution to cutting waste and weight.

Dear Valued Guest, as valued stakeholders of this initiative, your participation in Greens Points helps in reducing waste and carbon emissions - an important consideration for us all.


"Together we can make a difference and tread a greener footprint"


Climate aviation facts

  • A 6-hour flight emits approximately the same amount of carbon emissions as heating a home for an entire year!
  • If 200 passengers on a 10-hour flight reduce their weight by 7 kg each, they would stop the production of 7,200 kg of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.

We're Committed to Combat Climate Change

Green Points Program

  • SAUDIA was first in the world to implement Green Points, a program that rewards passengers for helping to protect the environment, on a flight from Jeddah to Madrid on 12 May.
  • The program rewards guests who adopt measures that reduce waste of food, fuel and materials.
  • SAUDIA Guests by pre-selecting their meals at online check-in, can reduce the wastage of food and packaging that ends up in landfill and also reduce the weight of the stock on board – saving fuel.
  • Green Points Program offers for Guests the possibility of travelling with less luggage is encouraged by a generous allocation of Green Points. This approach makes a significant contribution towards fuel efficiency.

How would you make flying greener?

Submit your idea in no more than 20 words for a chance to be recognized as a sustainable champion and win goodies!