Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) will introduce new domestic fare structure categories from February 20th this year, for flight purchases on any of the sectors the carrier flies to within the Kingdom.

There will be a new fare 'families' for Guest Class (Economy), Business Class, and First Class, which provide various options and price ranges.
The names of the new 'families' will be:

  • Economy Class: Saver, Basic, and Flex.
  • Business Class: Basic, and Flex.
  • First Class: Flex.

In each fare 'family' there are specific fare rules and restrictions, and also a different price range for each fare type..

In the new Economy Saver fare 'family', one piece of hand Baggage (7 kgs) is included with the price, as well as meal service (on certain routes) and AlFursan miles accrual. Checked in baggage is an add-on for the Economy Saver category, and travelers purchasing Economy Saver tickets have the option to select the baggage option for a fee. Air travel purchased at the Economy Saver rate is also not eligible for refund or changes. In addition, the new Economy Saver fare category is only available when booking on or through the SAUDIA Mobile App.

In the Basic and Flex Economy fare families, the main differences are that checked-in baggage is included in the fare (with different allowance amounts); miles accrual differs across each fare family, seat selection is included (only in Flex), as well as changing and refund options.

The Business Class new fare families of Business Basic and Business Flex are differentiated by the number of checked-in baggage pieces included, as well as the amount of miles accrued and the change fees.

The new fare categories will enable travelers to decide which fare type suits them and their travel needs, allowing for additional flexibility and choose when making travel plans.

SAUDIA's new packages gives travelers the opportunity to bundle and choose the services they require. For example a passenger requiring no checked-in baggage and is certain of no change to their travel itinerary, can benefit from additional savings by choosing the Economy Saver option.

With each travel purchase SAUDIA provides options such as, WiFi internet connectivity cards, advanced purchase excess baggage, and online check-in 48 hours in advance of travel.

As a full service carrier, regardless of the new domestic fare categories, meal service (on applicable routes) and hand bag (7 Kgs for Economy Class and 9 Kgs for Business Class) still remains the same for guests, and is included in all fares.

In addition to the new domestic packages fare families and in line with aviation international industry standards, SAUDIA is mandated to restrict the weight of check-in baggage to weighing no more than 23 Kgs per piece for Economy Class and 32 Kgs for Business and First Class.

SAUDIA is compliant with the new practice, and the new policy for baggage weight acceptance will take into effect for tickets purchased from February 20 onwards. All tickets purchased prior to this date will be subject to the previous baggage allotment.

Each piece of luggage must weigh no more than 23 Kgs, and if exceeded, the maximum that the airline may accept is 32 Kgs, for which a standard overweight fee of 70 SAR will apply. Per international regulations, the airline may not accept baggage weighing more than 32 Kgs per piece.