SAUDIA Rounds off a Year of Significant Growth for Transit Travel
SAUDIA Rounds off a Year of Significant Growth for Transit Travel

SAUDIA Rounds off a Year of Significant Growth for Transit Travel

Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA), the national carrier of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, rounded off a year of significant growth in 2017, underlined by a high share of transit travel, as well as fleet investment and network expansion.


Providing an ideal connectivity and a most seamless start-to-finish travel experience, SAUDIA has seen a marked increase in the number of layovers in 2017 (up to 38% growth in transit passengers between Europe and Asia, 37% between Asia and Africa, 16% inside Africa, and 9% between Asia and North America).

SAUDIA General Manager, Eng. Saleh Al Jasser said: “Transit travel has proven to be an indispensable resource that our industry so desperately needs for further international expansion. SAUDIA has invested heavily in upgrading its fleet, welcomed 60 new aircraft in the previous two years. Moving forward, we will continue to keep a careful eye in refreshing our fleet, upgrading our products and improving service to provide unprecedented convenience and comfort to our guests, a duty which has always been at the heart of our business.”

“The strategic position of the Kingdom,” Eng. Al Jasser continued, “enables us to provide more flexible choices and unmatched convenience for layovers across our worldwide destinations spanning four continents. Moreover, the new terminal in King Abdulaziz International Airport, which is expected to be launched by the mid of the current year, will be a giant shift in aviation service and airlines industry. Being at the heart of the Islamic two holy cities, the strategic location of the new terminal as well as its cutting edge infrastructure will enable it to become one of the most significant hubs in world. Once the new terminal comes around, it will contribute greatly in further boosting our transit share and makes it possible for us to fly for more destinations and to offer a superior level of comfort to our valued guests as well”.



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