Saudi Arabian Airlines places the safety of its guests and crew as its highest priority and applies world class standards and procedures to ensure flights are safe and comfortable.

With the emergence of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia has initiated several precautionary steps and implemented binding measures to prevent the virus from spreading.

Saudi Arabian Airlines – the national carrier of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - has implemented several procedures in accordance with the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) to provide safe travel environment on all its domestic and international flights.

Since January 26, 2020, all aircrafts have been undergoing full inspection when arriving from several international destinations. And upon their arrival, sterilization, careful disinfection and thorough deep cleaning has been conducted and is still ongoing.

Screen of all frontline staff and cabin crew members for pre-flight, pre-arrival, during and post-arrival is also taking place as an added precaution.

safe travels with saudia

Dear Valued SAUDIA guests,

As your safety and well-being is our top priority, and that of our team members, we have made necessary changes to our operation. In addition to aircraft being tidied up between flights during the day, each aircraft receives a thorough and enhanced cleaning between every single flight and on daily basis. This includes cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting in accordance with the instructions of the Civil Aviation Authority and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and international aviation organizations on all flights.

Please view and follow the following instructions:

  • We request you to wear face mask before leaving your home and while heading to your flight and to adhere the general health guidelines and recommendations during this pandemic.
  • We would like to remind our guests, airlines are prohibited from boarding sick passengers or suspected cases that could adversely affect the comfort and safety of the other passengers, as per SAUDI airlines policies, MOH and airport authorities' regulations.
  • In unforeseen circumstances of being ill just before your travel, we kindly request you to seek medical attention, postpone your travel plans and follow MOH instructions until you have clearance from a medical authorities.

General prevention & safety tips

Use a tissue or your sleeve to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze

Throw tissues directly after use and wash hands immediately

Throw tissues directly after use and wash hands immediately

Pack a sanitizer and keep it within your reach to use often

Avoid touching face before washing hands

Avoid direct contact with others