About Saudi Arabia


Culture Overview
Until recently, the rich history and culture of this extraordinary country has been shrouded beneath a veil of mystery. In an effort to open up and showcase its unique heritage, the Saudi Government has granted the national airline more tourist visas per country.

Riyadh (The Capital)

Located on the great limestone plateau of Najd, near the fertile bed of the Hanifah Valley. The Kingdom’s capital is a thriving and vibrant metropolis with many charming old souks.

Jeddah (Red Sea Mermaid)

Home to the world’s highest fountain, Jeddah has grown from ancient origins into a dynamic commercial center. Its cool red sea breeze makes it one of the most hospitable and relaxed Saudi cities.

For true rock fans

If you dig archeology you are in for a truly monumental trip. The ancient Kingdom is full of stunning archeological sites from the Byzantine, Nabatean, Umayyad and Abbasid periods.

Dive the red sea

“Life abounds in bank after bank exuberant coral structures, second only to those of the Great Barrier Reef in extent and exceeding it perhaps in splendor” Jacques Cousteau on the red sea.