• SAUDIA allows the carriage of household animals when they are properly confined into cages and accompanied by a valid health certificate and vaccination certificate against rabies and other animal diseases and other documents required by countries for entry or transit. Passengers are responsible to contact the authorities in the respective countries or transit points for regulations of importing pets.
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allows the entry of Hunting/Guard/Seeing-Eye and Hearing dogs for blind and deaf passengers only. Cats are allowed on condition that the required health certificate must be obtained and attested by Saudi Embassies abroad. Pets entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must possess valid International Health Certificate, Valid Veterinarian Certificate, and Valid Rabies Certificate all issued by the Veterinarian Clinic in Canada and stamped by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Canada. Passengers are responsible for ensuring the above documents are completed and valid prior to their travel.
  • Household animals will be accepted for carriage at passenger’s risk in the cabin or cargo holds, SAUDIA will not be responsible if authorities in other countries refuse entry or transiting of household animals via their countries.
  • Cats allowed to be carried in passenger cabin and A/C baggage bulk hold provided that it is equipped with ventilation system.
  • Dogs shall be carried into the aircraft holds provided that the aircraft holds are equipped with ventilation system.
  • Importing or the entrance of live birds is not allowed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The carriage of live birds is not allowed until the necessary permits by the Ministry of Agriculture are provided. The permits should prove that birds are free of any infectious diseases.


  • Charges for pets will be calculated based on twice the amount of an excess baggage piece (Offline Charges), depending on the final destination.
    For example: Pet travelling from Canada to Saudi Arabia will be charged $630 CAD.
    This will be collected for one way journey and will be multiplied by two in case it is a round trip journey.
  • For pets larger in size other than the cages specification ,regular excess baggage charges will apply in addition to the regular pet charges.

Cages Specification

  • Cats shall be carried into the passenger cabin accompanied by the passenger providing that its weight plus the cage shall not exceed 5 kgs.
  • Only one pet per container is allowed provided that total dimension of the container shall not excess (52.5 cm x 32.5 cm x 40 cm) or (21 in x 13 x 16 in).
  • The container must have adequate number of holes for ventilation.
  • The container must be completely leak proof.
  • “SAUDIA” has the right to ensure the validity of containers to carry the animal.

Passengers must advise “SAUDIA” while making a booking that he/she is willing to transport a household pet.