SAUDIA provides a wide variety of special meals for those who, for dietary or health reasons must, have special food or for those passengers traveling with infants. You can order a special meal on any flight where a meal service is normally provided.


The following types of meals are available and can be requested as alternatives to normal meals:


  1. Seafood (on international flights only).
  2. Baby meal, for infants.
  3. Bland meal, especially formulated for ulcer-patients.
  4. Diabetic meal, especially formulated for diabetic passengers.
  5. Low fat meal, especially for passengers on a low-fat diet.
  6. Salt-free meal, especially for passengers on a low-sodium diet.
  7. Vegetarian meal, European style food.
  8. Asian vegetarian meal.
  9. Fasting meal.


In addition; SAUDIA presents a various number of meals specially designed for passengers with disabilities. These include;

  1. A passenger with a visual disability meal: all components are precut and served as bite size chunks. The content of the meal and their positions are defined in the Braille Menu using the clock concept.
  2. Liquefied meal.
  3. A passenger with autism Meal.

In addition, to help celebrate those special occasions, we can provide a celebration cake for weddings or honeymoon parties traveling on international flights.