As soon as you notice at the arrival destination that your baggage are mishandled or has not arrived on the same flight, please apply the following:

  • Contact our baggage Services Staff immediately and before leaving the arrival hall.
  • Provide all the details needed by SAUDIA Personnel.
  • Complete your name with correct spelling, any other name on the bag, permanent and temporary contacts, and any relevant information.
  • The correct type and color of your missing bag through the identification chart provided by the baggage services staff.
  • The brand of the baggage. i-e (Samsonite, Delsey, American Tourist and etc).
  • Please make sure that you have the SAUDIA Baggage Services contact numbers, claim file references, and documents for further queries.
  • If it happens that your baggage is not traced and you need to travel to another destination, you may contact our Baggage Services staff at that point for further handling and information that you may need.
  • In case of loss baggage and loss of content from baggage; SAUDIA is not liable to compensate the mentioned items in Packing Instructions page & Baggage allowances page.

The staff in charge, will take up the matter as per SAUDIA procedures and try to locate your baggage through our (Wold Tracer) Automated System; Which is the fastest and most effective tracing system available. 

In case the baggage is not located on the spot, our staff will take all corrective measures to ensure that the missing baggage is returned and delivered to the owner in the shortest period of time.

Passenger may access Wold Tracer through this link to display their claim files and follow-up on the status of their mishandled baggage simply by entering the file number and the last name exactly as mentioned in the claim record.

Track your file

lost items on airplane

  • If you left something behind on your flight, please get in touch with the baggage services office at the airport that you landed in.
  • Any items that have not been claimed after (30) days of the flight’s arrival, will be handed over to the Main baggage services office in Jeddah city.
  • If you are unable to reach the airport within (30) days of the flight's arrival, please contact the main baggage services office at cbs@saudia.Com , explaining the following:
    1. Flight number or reservation number or photo of the boarding pass.
    2. Items
    3. Brand
    4. Description, including color.
  • Saudia is not liable for the loss of personal items left on board it is aircrafts.