Redeeming on Saudia

Your Alfursan Reward Miles can be redeemed for free flights, or as a one cabin-class upgrade on flights you have paid for.


Free Flights and Upgrades

You can redeem Reward Miles in your account for a free flight, by simply logging-in to your member account to make your booking, and your e-ticket will be issued immediately. Alternatively, you can contact the dedicated Alfursan Reservation Center to book your reward ticket. When redeeming your Reward Miles for a one cabin-class upgrade simply contact the Alfursan Reservation Center.


Guest Saver and Guest Value Reward Tickets

We have created greater availability of reward seats in the Guest  (economy) class on Saudia flights by including Guest Saver Reward Tickets and Guest Value Reward Tickets.


Guest Saver (L-Class)

To get the best value for your Reward Miles, we recommend booking in advance to take advantage of the lesser miles required for a free ticket.


Guest Value (M-Class)

The Guest Value reward ticket option gives you the opportunity to use your Reward Miles with greater seat availability, helping you get the flight you desire.


Business and First Class Reward Tickets

For those who enjoy traveling in premium cabin, we also provide reward seat-booking in Business and First Class cabins which can be availed on any international or domestic Saudia flight.

Please click here to see the Alfursan Redemption Table.