STC Qitaf

Alfursan and Qitaf Exchange Program is a mutual partnership between Saudia and STC to allow members of both Alfursan and Qitaf to exchange their rewards.


Your benefits from the Exchange Program

If you are a member of the STC Qitaf Program, this exchange program allows you to transfer your STC Qitaf Points to your Alfursan account as Reward Miles. Similarly, you can transfer Alfursan Reward Miles from your Alfursan account, exchanging them for STC Qitaf Points.

Alfursan members can exchange 10 Alfursan Reward Miles for 1 Qitaf point and Qitaf members can exchange 1 Qitaf point for 06 Alfursan Reward Miles. The transfer will take place in 24 hours and it is completely free of any charges.



  • Log-in to your member account
  • Click ‘Register for Miles Transfer’ Under the Alfursan Miles section.
  • Complete the sign up form and click Submit.
  • Once you are on the STC Qitaf Exchange Program page you will need to register yourself by providing the required information.
  • As soon as you are registered, you start exchanging your Qitaf Points to Alfursan Reward and vice versa.

Transfer Points

  • Log-in to your member account
  • Click ’Miles Transfer Request ’ Under the Alfursan Miles section
  • Select STC Qitaf from the partner’s list
  • Enter required Alfursan Miles to be transferred and click Convert