Family Member Program

You may invite up to eight members of your family to become Alfursan members, so that they can enjoy all the privileges of membership while earning you additional reward miles. Family membership covers immediate relatives including children over two years old, as well as private drivers and housemaids under your sponsorship. Each receives their own membership card.


Earning Miles with Your Family

Your family earns Reward Miles from flights in the same way that you do, with the exception of children between two and twelve years old, who earn 50%. All the Reward Miles your family earns are awarded to your account. The Status Miles and International Sectors earned by family members when they fly are, however, awarded to their own accounts. This is to allow them to progress through the membership tiers. The same Status Miles rules apply to your family as to you, the full member, with the exception that children between two and twelve years old earn only 50%.


Spending Your Family’s Reward Miles

Reward Miles earned by your family are credited to your account and can be redeemed for Alfursan rewards in the same way as your own Reward Miles. You can also redeem Reward Miles on behalf of one or more of your family members.