Alfursan Rewards and Recognition

As an Alfursan member you will earn Miles every time you fly with Saudia or SkyTeam Partners and also when you transact with our commercial partners. In this section you will learn to differentiate between Reward and Status Miles, and how they enable you to get your rewards and privileges.


Reward Miles

You earn Reward Miles for every mile you fly with Saudia, SkyTeam partners* and while transacting with the various Alfursan commercial partners. The Reward Miles can be redeemed for free flights, upgrades and other special offers.

You can earn Reward Miles faster with Alfursan Silver and Alfursan Gold membership, by flying premium cabin classes, by enrolling family members, and through special promotions from Saudia, SkyTeam partners and Alfursan commercial partners.


Status Miles

Status Miles are your means of progression through Alfursan membership tiers of Blue, Silver and Gold. You only earn Status Miles when flying with Saudia or SkyTeam partners*. Upgrading to the higher tiers increases the number of benefits and privileges you are entitled to.

Example: The Status Miles you earn in the calendar year 2012 will be valid through to the end of the year, i.e. 31.12.2012. So your qualification to a higher tier for the calendar year 2012 would be based on the Status Miles you will earn through to 31.12.2012


International Sectors

International flights on Saudia and SkyTeam partner airlines earn you International Sectors, which are another means of progressing through the membership tiers. Like Status Miles, these are valid for the calendar year in which you earn them.

Your elevation to a higher tier would be based on how many Status Miles you earn in a calendar year or the number of International sectors flown during the year, whichever is attained first. Therefore, if the qualification criteria from Blue to Silver tier require either 25,000 Status Miles or 20 International sectors, attaining any one of the two criteria would be sufficient to progress to the higher tier.

*Mileage accrual on SkyTeam partner flights is possible only on qualifying fares. For more information on please click here.