Terms and Conditions



  1. Alfursan Frequent Flyer Program (“Alfursan”) is owned, operated and monitored by “Saudia”.
  2. These terms and conditions govern the manner in which a Member may participate in Alfursan Frequent Flyer Program including its services, benefits and rewards.
  3. Any changes, amendments, cancelation or suspension of Alfursan program rules, terms and conditions or benefits provided for the members shall be done according to the sole discretion of “Saudia” during the life of Alfursan Program.
  4. An individual may use one Alfursan Membership Card only, and it is not allowed to create more than one account. In the event a Member has more than one account, the miles shall be credited to the membership account which was obtained first. The miles earned through such other accounts shall be void.
  5. “Saudia” has the right to cancel the memberships as well as such miles earned by duplicate memberships of the same member.
  6. The validity of the earned Reward Miles is three years from the end of the year when they are earned.
  7. Each Alfursan Membership Card is owned by its holder. In case of misuse of Alfursan Membership Card, use not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, violations or infringements of rights or impersonation, Alfursan Membership shall be cancelled and all accumulated Alfursan Miles shall be void.
  8. “Saudia” has the right to use all/any of the members’ personal information for promotional purposes without misuse of such information.
  9. ll Alfursan Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the laws applied in the KSA. In the event some countries refuse to join promotional programs, impose any restrictions or request any amendments related to such programs, “Saudia” shall not take any responsibility for the results arising from the existence of a conflict between the local laws of such countries and the regulations of Alfursan Program or under which it operates.
  10. “Saudia” has the right in case there is any kind of manipulation, fraud or violation by the members or any other third parties in terms of Alfursan Programto take any legal or administrative actions along with the cancellation of the membership and its miles.
  11. “Saudia” reserves the right to (terminate/amend/change/suspend) Alfursan Program in any time without prior notice.
  12. In the event“Saudia” terminates Alfursan Program, it has the right to cancel all earned miles, and it shall not take any responsibility, material or moral, for the cancellation of miles as a result of terminating, changing or amending the Program.
  13. “Saudia” shall not take any responsibility for postal delays and damages caused by the postal services of any country.
  14. The members shall pay all fees, taxes and other expenses related to redeeming miles for rewards.
  15. Any Alfursan Member may request the cancellation of their membership by sending a written notice to Alfursan Care Center. In case of cancellation of membership, the member shall not claim miles or the resumption of membership.
  16. Alfursan Membership is only open to individual persons aged 2 years or over.
  17. Alfursan Membership is not available for staff of “Saudia” or any other airlines or travel agencies staff or their families. For them, joining the program is a violation that is subject to penalty.
  18. Alfursan Membership number shall be registered upon reservation and check in on “Saudia” or “SkyTeam Partners” flights ensuring that the Membership Number is existed in the reservation record.
  19. Alfursan Membership number shall be registered upon taking advantage of the services provided by Alfursan commercial Partners.
  20. Alfursan Members shall notify Alfursan management of any amendments/changes to their personal information.
  21. Alfursan Member’s name shall be the same as the one existed in his passport. In case of requesting any change to the name, the documents necessary to prove that shall be submitted.
  22. A dependent member may be de-linked from a head account Membership in the family program, while his Reward Miles shall remain owned by the head account Member.
  23. Upon the death of an Alfursan Member:

  • The Reward Miles only shall be transferred to the membership of the legal heir upon provision of appropriate documentation, such as a death certificate and a legal proxy. The legal heir, his representative or the guardian shall take full responsibility in case of any objection by the family members, without any liability against “Saudia”.
  • Family members aged 18 years or over shall be de-linked.
  • Family members aged less than18 years may be added to the membership of a (husband/wife) if any.
  • The deceased Member’s Account will be closed.
  • In case of not providing the required documentation within twelve (12) months of the member's death, all members shall be de-linked without transferring the Reward Miles.


  1. “Alfursan Program” is a loyalty program to appreciate the Frequent Flyers of “Saudia”. The program provides many benefits, services and rewards, and is owned, operated and monitored by “Saudia”.
  2. “Program Member” refers to an individual registered in Alfursan Frequent Flyer Program, whether under main membership or subordinate, and he shall be given a Membership Number.
  3. “Alfursan Partners” refers to entities providing benefits, services and facilities for the members as an additional part of their membership benefits.
  4. “Alfursan Care Centre” means the dedicated center allocated to provide the members with services and support as well as answering their queries related to the Program.
  5. “Tele sales Centers” means the dedicated centers allocated to provide the services of reservation, ticket sales and issuance of Reward Tickets, as well as providing after sales services.
  6. “Membership Card” means the card that is issued to the Members on meeting the qualifying criteria for enrolment to Alfursan. Each membership has a number.
  7. “Miles” refer to the measurement unit used to accumulate what Alfursan Member earns from the qualified flights or Alfursan Partners in accordance with the rules, terms and conditions and regulations of the Program.
  8. “Alfursan Reward Miles” mean all Miles earned on “Saudia” or Skyteam flights and any of the Alfursan programme commercial partners.
  9. “Alfursan Status Miles” are the total miles earned by the Members on“Saudia” or “SkyTeam Partners” qualified flights. They are the main indicator for upgrading the status to the higher tier in Alfursan programme in accordance with terms and conditions.
  10. “Alfursan Rewards” means redeeming Reward Miles for Reward Tickets or other available rewards.
  11. “Miles Statement” means a summary report on the earned miles against different transactions carried out by the Member for specific periods of time including flights, partners’ services and other activities related to Reward Miles.
  12. “Alfursan Newsletter” is a periodic newsletter regarded as one of the means of communication with Members, and it includes the latest updates of Alfursan, “Saudia”, Partners and promotional offers.
  13. “Travel Multi class” means different categories of ticket fares for the same travel class and they are subject to the restrictions and terms of (amendment, change, refunding, length of stay) in accordance with ticketing systems and procedures.
  14. “Saudia website” www.saudiairlines.com is a website providing information about the services provided by “Saudia” including programs, offers, flight schedules, ticketing, reservation, cancellations and other services.
  15. “Alfursan website” www.alfursanonline.com is a website allowing Alfursan Members to manage their accounts and carry out many transactions like (buy/redeem/gift miles, Mileage Calculator, Retro claim unregistered miles, Miles Balance, issue Reward tickets, add family members) as well as other services.
  16. “Family Program” is a promotional program to invite family members (Wife/Husband/Children’s/Parents/Home workers) to become Alfursan members under one“key” member to facilitate the process of consolidating Reward Miles into one account, the “head of the family”.



  1. Al Fursan Membership is available to persons aged 2 years and over.
  2. Any qualified customer can apply for membership online or by filling in and signing the application form, then sending it to the address shown in the form.
  3. Family Members (subordinates) of Alfursan Parent Head Member can be added based on his approval, and each Member shall be given a Membership Number.
  4. Upon the desire to change/amend the name, an Alfursan Member shall submit an application to Alfursan Care Centre. This action shall occur in accordance with the data of his passport with the provision of the supporting documentation.


Membership Tiers

  1. There are three tiers of membership in Alfursan Program: Blue (basic), Silver (Elite) and Gold (Elite Plus).
  2. Upon registration in Alfursan Program, Members are automatically enrolled in the Blue Tier and given a Membership number.
  3. Upgrading to the higher membership (Silver (Elite) or Gold (Elite Plus)) depends on the number of Status Miles earned from qualified flights or the number of international sectors flown during one calendar year.
  4. To maintain your membership tier ((Silver (Elite) or Gold (Elite Plus)), a Member shall achieve the number of miles or international sectors needed during one calendar year. In case of failure to achieve that, the membership status will be downgraded to the lower status.
  5. The validity of the Blue Membership Card is forever (no expiry date), while ((Silver (Elite) or Gold (Elite Plus)) Cards are valid for one calendar year starting on 1 January and ending on 31 December.
  6. “Saudia”, represented by Alfursan management, reserves the right to (change/amend) the regulations, terms and conditions of (upgrading/downgrading) the membership status without prior notice. Some cases may be excluded or handled as the case may be and as “Saudia” deems appropriate after obtaining the approval of the authorized and competent entities.
  7. For ((Silver (Elite) or Gold (Elite Plus)) Cards, Expiry date on the (new/renewed) virtual card will be at the end of the year, i.e. by the end of 31 December.



  1. Status Miles are the main indicator for upgrading the Membership Tier to the higher status in Alfursan Program. They are earned by the Members on “Saudia” or “SkyTeam Partners” qualified flights during one calendar year starting on 1 January and ending on 31 December.
  2. Reward Miles are earned by travel on “Saudia”, “SkyTeam Partners” flights or Alfursan Commercial Partners or through promotional offers unless otherwise provided for.
  3. Members of ((Silver (Elite) or Gold (Elite Plus)) memberships are granted more Reward Miles based on the basic miles of flights or travel class categories. Promotional offers are excluded.
  4. Alfursan Reward Miles shall be valid for a period of 3 years from the end of the year in which they were earned. Once Reward Miles have been expired, the Alfursan member is not entitled to claim those miles again. SAUDIA is under no obligation to announce the expiry of the miles.
  5. Alfursan Reward Miles may be redeemed for Reward (ticket/tickets), travel class upgrades or other offer rewards provided, from time to time, by “Saudia”, “SkyTeam Partners” or Alfursan Commercial Partners when available.
  6. To ensure the miles being credited to the Member’s balance, the Membership Number shall be registered in the reservation record upon reservation and check-in on “Saudia” or “SkyTeam Partners” flights or upon taking advantage of the qualified transactions and activities with Alfursan Commercial Partners.
  7. Mileage can only be accumulated once per flight per member based on the fare of the travel class or seat class on which the qualified ticket was purchased regardless of the travel class on which the Member flew, as in some cases, the seat is upgraded at the airport.
  8. Alfursan Members shall not earn miles through Reward Tickets, chartered or private flights, or free or reduced tickets issued by airlines or travel agencies for employees and non-employees and their families.
  9. Alfursan Reward Miles can be used to get Alfursan Rewards, and they are not redeemable for cash.
  10. “Saudia” has the right to deduct the ineligible miles from the account of any Member in case they were credited by mistake or in a way violating the regulations, terms and conditions of Alfursan Program.
  11. An Alfursan Member,a subscriber of other loyalty programs and their partners (the aviation sector or other sectors) which are similar to Alfursan, shall select the program he desires to take advantage of its benefits in order to credit the point/miles of qualified transactions and activities with the program partners, as such benefits cannot be availed through more than one program, unless otherwise provided for.
  12. When upgrading the class of travel using reward miles, online bid-to-upgrade, or at the airport prior to departure, miles accrual are based on the original ticket.


Missing Miles Claims

  1. Missing Miles from “Saudia” flights may be claimed in a period no later than one year after travel date and this shall be done through submitting the documents (Ticket number in the booking reference and the boarding pass) proving the flight along with the application to Alfursan Care Centre or via Alfursan website.
  2. Missing Miles from “SkyTeam Partners” flights may be claimed through submitting the original boarding pass with a copy of the ticket or its number in a period no later than six months after travel date.
  3. Missing Miles from transactions and activities of Alfursan Partners may be claimed through submitting an application form to Alfursan Care Centre along with the original documents (such as hotel invoice or car rental contract).


Claim pre-enrolment miles

Effective January 1, 2017, Alfursan members, can claim Alfursan miles for qualifying SAUDIA flights flown prior to joining the Alfursan program. Members can claim miles up to six months prior to the member’s Alfursan join date, as long as these miles have not been claimed for another SkyTeam’s frequent flyer program. You cannot claim for any partner activity or Skyteam airline partners prior to joining Alfursan.


Alfursan Partners

  1. Members who had Alfursan Credit Cards from Alfursan Financial Partners (banks) shall be qualified for a Blue Membership.
  2. Mileage earned by Partners transactions may take around 60 days to be posted to your account.
  3. “Saudia” is not responsible for the services provided by the partners, the withdrawal of any of Alfursan Partners from the program or for the performance or nonperformance by such Alfursan Partners.
  4. “Saudia” may not be held responsible for any Alfursan Partner not crediting miles to a Member’s account. The Member will have no claim whatsoever against “Saudia” for such miles.
  5. For Alfursan Members who are also members in other loyalty programs, Alfursan Miles can be accumulated for only (1) program per flight or transaction from the services and benefits provided by the Program or its partners.
  6. Alfursan Members who are also members in other loyalty programs shall indicate their preferred program through which they wish to accumulate miles in order to avail its benefits upon reservation or check in.
  7. Some flights are operated by other carriers; those flights shall not qualify for Alfursan Miles. Such policies shall be unless there are exclusions made by “Saudia”.
  8. The services, benefits or facilities provided by Alfursan Partners (whether belonging to the aviation industry or other any other industries) shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the service provider.
  9. “Saudia” will make reasonable endeavors to ensure (but cannot guarantee) that services, benefits, facilities and arrangements communicated to members from Alfursan Partners are available. “Saudia” will not be liable for any loss or damage, either directly or indirectly, arising from the delivery or non-delivery of such services, benefits, facilities or arrangements.



  1. Members must have sufficient Alfursan Reward Miles available in their account to qualify for the selected Alfursan Rewards/SkyTeam Partners Rewards.
  2. You can request your Alfursan Reward Tickets through the following ways:

  • Managing your membership account on Alfursan website www.alfursanonline.com and selecting “Redeem Miles” under “Reservation”.
  • Contacting the telesales centers on the following phone numbers:

KSA: 920022222
From the following countries:
(Jordan - Europe "Britain / France / Switzerland / Germany / Italy / Spain / Turkey", the United States, Canada):


Country Telephone Number


Telephone Number
Jordan 065777766
UK 03712004433
France 0820200505
Italy 06895848
Switzerland 0848006600
Germany 01803698888
Spain 902534444
USA 1-800-472-8342
Canada 1-855-588-0999
Turkey (0212) 2130990
Other countries (+966) (12) 6861010

To contact any of the service centers, the contact should be done through the mobile, the landline or the email registered on your membership account in order to avail the service.

3. Alfursan Reward Tickets are issued based on a confirmed reservation, and waiting reservations are not accepted. No reward ticket shall be issued without dates of flights.
4. Travel upgrade applies to tickets (Y, J or the tickets qualified for travel class upgrade). Travel class shall be upgraded to the higher class (for example, Guest Class to Business Class, or Business Class to First Class).
5. Alfursan Reward Tickets are subject to taxes, passenger service charges, visa costs and other customs or government imposed taxes which shall be paid by the Member.
6. Alfursan Reward Tickets are to be issued in the Member’s name or one of his registered family members only. Family members are (Husband, wives, father, mother, sons, daughters, private driver and housemaids).
7. 60% of the Alfursan Reward Mileage required for a return ticket on the same route shall be deducted for one way flights (e.g. if the required Miles for a Reward Return Ticket is 25,000 Miles then a One Way ticket will require 15,000 Miles). 50% off the Alfursan Reward tickets for one way domestic flights.
8. When issuing a Reward Return Ticket, the return terminal may be different from the arrival terminal, therefore, one ticket shall be issued for each terminal.
9. Alfursan Members requesting an Upgrade Reward shall submitthe number of a valid purchased e-ticket, along with their Alfursan Reward request.
10. Alfursan Reward Tickets shall be issued according to the following regulations:

A. Alfursan Reward Tickets on international flights shall be issued according to a reservation on a specified class: (A) for First Class, (D) for Business Class and (M, L) for Guest Class.
B. Alfursan Reward Tickets on domestic flights shall be issued based on the basic travel classes: (A) for First Class, (D) for Business Class and (H) for Guest Class.
C. Basic miles shall be deducted according to the rewards table as for upgrading purchased tickets for international flights from Guest Class (Y, E) to Business Class according to a confirmed reservation on Business Class (D). Additional 50% of Reward Miles shall be deducted if the purchased ticket is on Guest Classes (B, M, K, H, L, Q, T), and Guest Classes (U, N, V) cannot be upgraded.
Basic miles shall be deducted according to the rewards table as for upgrading purchased tickets for international flights from Business Class (J, C, D) to First Class according to a confirmed reservation on First Class(A). Additional 50% of Reward Miles shall be deducted if the purchased ticket is on Business Class (I).
E. Basic miles shall be deducted according to the rewards table as for upgrading purchased tickets for domestic flights from Guest Classes to Business Class (D) according to a confirmed reservation. In addition, upgrading Business Class to First Class according to a confirmed reservation on First Class (A).
F. In case of Sadad service being activated and the miles being deducted for the issuance of the Reward Ticket without paying the charges and taxes of the ticket, the member can rebook for issuance within 30 days and in case of exceeding the time limit, he is not entitled to claim the miles.

11. Tickets that are invalid for upgrades include the following:

A. reduced fare tickets.
B. Non-profit tickets.
International tickets including travel sectors of other airlines.
Tickets on flights for which “Saudia” is not the operator.
E. Alfursan Reward Tickets redeemed in exchange for miles from the Membership Account.
Any other tickets not including published fares, for example, chartered flights.
Tickets of the Royal Court.
I. Routes including travel classes (U/N/V).

12. During the validity period of the Reward Ticket, an Alfursan Member is allowed to only amend travel date/flight number. No other amendments are permitted.
13. In case of no show on the travel date, Alfursan Reward Ticket shall be suspended temporarily and be valid again after payment of no show fees.
14. In case the boarding pass for Alfursan Reward Ticket is issued and the Member does not appear without the cancellation of the boarding pass, the ticket shall be deemed void and the miles cannot be refunded.
15. An Alfursan Member is not entitled to earn miles through Reward Tickets issued and the routes sectors with upgraded travel class. Any miles credited to the member’s account shall be deemed ineligible and must be deducted.
16. Al Fursan shall have the right to make amendment to mile deduction or addition in accordance with the Reward Tickets Schedule.(Reward table)
17. Al fursan Reward Ticket is valid for one year from the date of its issuance. After the elapse of such period, the Ticket shall be invalid.
18. Upon downgrading the travel class of Alfursan Reward Ticket in operational cases, the difference in miles between the two classes shall be re-credited to the Member’s balance of miles, while other compensation shall be handled in accordance with “Saudia” regulations.
19. In case of flight cancellation, over sale or rejection of boarding for reasons related to “Saudia” with the existence of a confirmed reservation, the guest’s reservation shall be amended with all the restrictions be excluded in accordance with “Saudia” regulations or the miles shall be re-credited to the Member’s balance of miles, while other compensation shall be handled in accordance with “Saudia” regulations.
20. Only Alfursan Parent Head Member has the right to redeem Reward Miles for his family members or others in Alfursan Program.
21. In case the Reward Ticket is issued for individuals other than family members,the Alfursan Member, from whose account the miles were deducted, has no right to request cancellation of the reward.
22. Alfursan Reward Tickets on “SkyTeam Partners” are subject to the terms and conditions of such airlines.
23. Miles are redeemed for tickets only on“Saudia” or “SkyTeam Partners”, while travel class upgrades are available on “Saudia” only.
24. Terms of redeeming Reward Tickets and the number of miles needed are subject to amendment without prior notice. Other terms and conditions may apply.


Terms of Reward Tickets Refund

25. Alfursan Member does not have the right to request refund of the miles scheduled to expire at the end of the calendar year in which the Reward Ticket was issued.
26. Upon refund of the Reward Ticket issued for Alfursan Member or his family members, the miles shall be credited to the account from which they were deducted.
27. Only the beneficiary other than family members for whom the Reward Ticket was issued, has the right to request cancellation of the Ticket, and the miles shall be credited to the account from which they were deducted.
28. Procedures of Alfursan Reward Ticket refund are made through “Saudia” sales office or telesales centers, and miles shall be re-credited to the member’s accounts in accordance with the following terms:

A. The Reward Ticket is within its validity period which is one year after the original issuance date.
All routes in the Ticket are unused and still open. Tickets with used parts(used sectors) cannot be accepted.
C. The refund fees are paid.

29. Procedures of refunding Alfursan Reward Ticket in which the travel class is upgraded are made through “Saudia” sales office or telesales centers, and miles shall be re-credited to the member’s accounts in accordance with the following terms:

A. The Reward Ticket is within its validity period which is one year after the original issuance date.
All routes in the Ticket are unused and still open. Tickets with used sectors cannot be accepted.
C. Refund fees are paid.
D. The original ticket, before class upgrade is handled in accordance with “Saudia” regulations.
For the Reward Ticket which is expired and in which the travel class is upgraded in exchange for miles,the original ticket, before class upgrade is handled in accordance with “Saudia” regulations.


Family Program

  1. An Alfursan Member can nominate up to 8 immediate family members: husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, and domestic driver or housemaids.
  2. The Head Member has the right to change the information of the family membership twice per calendar year.
  3. Enrollment in the Family Program is open for Members aged two years and over. Individuals who are under 18 years shall obtain the permission of their guardian or trustee before joining the Family Program.
  4. Family Members can be registered in the Program through Alfursan website or through filling in and submitting an enrollment application which shall be approved if it contains complete information and is signed by the applicant.
  5. Family Members Status Miles are earned separately by each member when travelling on “Saudia” or “SkyTeam Partners”. Status Miles for each member are accumulated along one calendar year and expire at the end of the same.
  6. Bonus Miles shall be added to Status Miles when travelling on Business Class and First Class. Such Bonus Miles shall be calculated based on the basic miles, excluding the promotional offers on selected destinations provided by “Saudia” from time to time in accordance with the published terms and conditions.
  7. Earned Family Members Reward Miles shall only be added to the Head member’s account. No Family Member has the right to claim such miles even after the subordinate membership is de-linked.
  8. The Head Member in the Family Program may cancel/de-link any member in the Family Program by submitting a written notice to Alfursan Care Centre or through the available means of communication.


Buy, Gift or Transfer Alfursan Reward Miles

Alfursan Program provides multiple choices to enable Alfursan Members to earn more Reward Miles in order to facilitate benefitting from Alfursan Rewards. This guide constitutes the entire agreement between the Member and Alfursan with respect to the purchase, gifting or transfer of miles. This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements, if any:

  1. Only Alfursan Member can purchase, transfer or gift Alfursan Reward Miles.
  2. An Alfursan Member may top up his or a fellow member’s Account with additional Alfursan Miles using the service of (buy/transfer/gift) miles from Alfursan website in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  3. An Alfursan Member may use the service of (buy/gift) miles for his membership or another membership for a minimum of (1000) Alfursan Miles and up to a maximum of (80.000) Alfursan Miles in one calendar year (from January to December).
  4. An Alfursan Member may transfer miles to another member for a minimum of (1000) Alfursan Miles and up to a maximum of (80.000) Alfursan Miles in one calendar year (from January to December).
  5. Refund of payment and re-credit of miles are not permitted after completion of the transaction of (buy/transfer /gift) Alfursan Reward Miles. “Saudia” shall not be held responsible for the services provided by its partners.
  6. Alfursan reserves the right to change the fares of (buy/transfer /gift) Alfursan Reward Miles or to impose additional restrictions on earning Alfursan Miles in any time without any prior notice.
  7. An Alfursan Member may not sell his Alfursan Miles, directly or indirectly, for cash or any other consideration and an Alfursan Member may not purchase Alfursan Miles from a third party.
  8. The recipient must enroll in Alfursan Program prior to being able to receive any such Miles which are purchased, gifted or transferred.
  9. Miles purchased, gifted or transferred shall expire after 3 years from the date of transaction.
  10. Any improper usage of the service of (buy/transfer /gift) Alfursan Reward Miles pursuant to this Agreement and the Buy Miles Program, or any other misuse of miles shall subject the member to legal liability and shall be grounds for immediate confiscation and forfeiture of such miles, and may be grounds for the forfeiture of all miles in the Alfursan Member's account and the Member's ejection from the Alfursan Program.
  11. Alfursan Member's acceptance of the terms of this Agreement and usage of the service of (buy/transfer /gift) Alfursan Reward Miles authorizes “Saudia” to charge the credit card that such Member provides for the amount stated, based on the number of miles purchased by the Member at the rate mentioned. In the event of any mileage or financial discrepancy, the payment calculations under this Agreement shall be based upon data contained in Alfursan’s records, and the data in Alfursan’s records shall take precedence over the data in any other records.



  1. Member’s information held by Alfursan includes the information which a Member provides in Alfursan Application Form such as: names; addresses; telephone number;email address; date of birth, etc.
  2. Data of Miles Balance and Reward Records are owned by Alfursan Program.
  3. Members’ information:

A. will be retained and used by Alfursan or its Partners to ensure the efficient running of the Program, including the crediting of Miles and the awarding of all Membership Levels;
B. may be disclosed as required by law;
C. may be disclosed to Alfursan Partners to assist them in the planning, marketing and development of Alfursan;
D. may be used to send the member separate communications about services, products and facilities offered by an Alfursan Partner.

4. By using his Membership Card or quoting his Membership Number to “Saudia” or any of its Partners, a Member consents to:

A. the creation, maintenance and updating of the Member’s information; and
B. the supply of the Member’s information to Alfursan Partners.