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Flights to Tunis, Tunisia, sparkling white city on the Mediterranean.

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Travel to Tunis from Riyadh with SAUDIA. If you happen to be traveling during Ramadan, SAUDIA is pleased to announce that the service during the period is overhauled to focus inflight entertainment on the holy month as well as meals. A special channel will transmit Taraweeh (evening prayers). Passengers fasting will be provided with the Sohour and Iftar either onboard, in the airport lounge, or before they exit the airport. Other passengers can expect the same high quality uninterrupted service they have come to expect from our airline. First class passengers flying with us will be pampered with FURLA amenity packs for women and Porsche design for men, the perfect complement for today’s business travelers. The men’s kit comes with cosmetics as well as handy items like a USB charger for your handheld devices. The FURLA bag for women was designed to turn into a purse after the flight, extending its use after travel.

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The Archaeological Site of Carthage, a major sea power starting in the 9th century BCE right up until Rome gained dominance, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Mosque of El-Zituna incorporates the city’s ancient sister Carthage’s physical memory by repurposing 200 columns. It is Tunis’ oldest mosque. Tunis’ medieval medina is another UNESCO World Heritage Site and has nearly a 1,000 monuments ranging from palaces and mosques to madrasas. Its winding wandering streets will dazzle any wayfarer. Sip on mint tea or cool citronnade and munch on almonds at one of its abundant cafés. Bab el Bhar is the city gate and separates the medina from the younger city. It marks the end of the enormous 60-meter wide Avenue Habib Bourguiba, often compared to Paris’ Champs-Elysées. Don’t miss the 38-meter high clock tower built in 1987 on the Avenue which is illuminated at night from the inside shining out through its latticework.

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Business is buzzing in Tunis. In the World Bank’s rankings on doing business, Tunisia as a whole is closer "to the frontier", or best performance in all indicators, than the Northern Africa average. At the street level, transactions are handled quickly as well. The Marché Centrale’s original building dates from the end of the 19th century and its lofty ceilings and windows flood the merchants’ wares with Tunisian light. Tunis is a city that loves football: grab tickets to see one of the local teams: Stade Tunisien, Club Africain, and Espérance de Tunis.