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Travel to Geneva, Switzerland, nestled between Lake Geneva and the Alps

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Travel SAUDIA to Geneva, time keeping, chocolate, and fondue capital

The Patek Philippe Museum takes visitors on a trip through the history of time and this specifically Genevan marriage of art and science. The Flower Clock alongside Lake Geneva, Europe’s largest combine human genius and nature was built in 1955. The clock always looks different, depending on what time of year it is and consequently what’s in bloom. The lakefront promenade is filled with cafés and benches as well as lake cruises to enjoy the water that dominates life in this placid city. The most iconic sight in the city is probably the Jet d'Eau Fountain in the lake, the tallest in the world at approximately 140 meters. It wasn’t originally a fountain, it was a safety valve for the hydraulics system, but today it is a Geneva landmark. Industry in Geneva always been associated with art and water. The Bâtiment Des Forces Motrices was once the hydroelectric plant and was made the city’s Opera House. To take a physical voyage through time, from the 3rd century BCE to the 12th century CE, visit the Archeological Site under the cathedral, one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

Travel from Riyadh to Geneva, diplomacy and innovation

With Switzerland’s long history of international diplomacy, it’s no wonder the European headquarters of the United Nations is in Geneva. You can visit the building on an informative guided tour. The Red Cross, the WTO and the WHO also call Geneva home. Geneva residents aren’t all tradition and clockwork, though. The Schtrumpfs Building, for the French word for the Smurfs, is one of the most unconventional constructions in the city with strange angles and colors mixing playfully to challenge the view that Geneva is in any way overly straight-laced. The market in Plainpalais three times a week is the place to get fresh, local cheeses to make your own fondues or skip straight to the prepared dishes, which are also on sale. Place du Molard’s illuminated cobblestones at night make it a fun place to go for your more upscale shopping. If you can go a bit further afield, a sister city just across the river and a 10-minute tram ride, Carouge presents Geneva’s more Italian side with its Sardinian architecture. Take a cable car up Mount Saleve for views of the Alps and the Jura Mountains and the city below.