Baghdad, Iraq

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Flights to Baghdad, capital of Iraq

Flights to Baghdad with SAUDIA

SAUDIA has flights to Baghdad from Riyadh, King Khalid International. On all our flights, SAUDIA provides our guests with an extensive choice of reading materials like magazines and local and international newspapers to keep you abreast of the latest news and current events. If you prefer to peruse the news on your mobile device, SAUDIA is pleased to announce its OnAir Mobile & Internet service on selected aircraft so you can use your handheld device to send and receive data or make calls.

Fly from Riyadh to Baghdad

Sat 01/02/2020 to Sat 29/02/2020

Starting from:

1881 SAR

SAUDIA takes you to Baghdad.

SAUDIA is pleased to offer its passengers flights to Baghdad after a hiatus of 27 years. Now our airline is once again taking travelers to one of the most important cities in the Middle East, historically as well as today. Iraq is one of the top five countries in proved oil reserves and oil accounts for the vast majority of the country’s economy and revenues making Baghdad an important nexus for business. Baghdad’s Al-Khulafa Mosque was built nearly 2,000 years ago under the Abbasid caliph Al-Muktafi. The mosque was mentioned by Ibn Battuta, the famous Moroccan world traveler from the Middle Ages. Today the original minaret is still standing. Baghdad has been known for centuries as a world class center of learning and culture. The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra is based in Baghdad as well as the Music and Ballet School of Baghdad. Today Mutanabbi Street is where the city’s bookselling is concentrated. Close by is Al-Qushla with its famous clock tower from the 1850s and small plaza.

Travel from Riyadh to Baghdad

On your flight to Baghdad, sit back and relax because SAUDIA has put together a full menu of entertainment options for your enjoyment. Leaf through our magazine to see what’s showing at a theater right in front of you today. Use the touchscreen or remote control to scroll through our videos on demand, including religious programming, children’s shows, music videos, as well as recitations from the Quran. You can also shop and have your online purchases sent as gifts or straight home.