Amman, Jordan

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Flights to Amman, Jordan, the white city on the seven hills

Flights to Amman with SAUDIA

SAUDIA takes you to Jordan’s largest airport Queen Alia International in Amman. Book your flight to this engaging city here. At the airport, SAUDIA offers lounge access for its First and Business Class passengers, Alfrusan Gold and Silver members, and frequent fliers with Wi-Fi, showers, and meeting facilities. If you’d like some extra room on your flight to Amman, consider upgrading to SAUDIA’s Business Class. Specific capacity information is provided per aircraft. Travel to Amman from Riyadh, King Khalid International with SAUDIA.

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Flights to Amman, lively adventure for all ages.

One of Amman’s original hills is Jabal Amman and the city’s unofficial epicenter is here to this day. Near the famous Rainbow Street which runs up and down the neighborhood is Souk Jara, a street market which goes up every Friday in the summer. Street food holds court at this level, and Amman, as the cosmopolitan place that it is, has foods which source their inspiration from around the Middle East, with hummus and falafel front and center. The national dish of Jordan which every visitor must try, however, is mansaf, lamb that has been boiled in yogurt and is served with pine nuts and rice. Not everything happens at ground level though. Jordan can easily be seen from on high by visiting the Royal Aero Sports Club, whose non-profit goal is to offer people access to aero sports ranging from ballooning to micro-lighting. If you’d like to stay just a bit closer to the ground, and maybe take advantage of the AC, Climbat Amman has indoor rock climbing. Nature enthusiasts should stop by Wild Jordan Center, owned by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, where you are invited to “eat, play, and engage” in the region’s foremost promoter of ecotourism.

Travel from Riyadh to Amman

The Romans called it Philadelphia, and Amman has been the site of major architectural endeavors ever since. The country chose the city to host its largest gallery, the Jordan Museum. For those who like to walk among the ruins in their original habitat, there’s no better place in Amman than at its Citadel, one of the oldest continuously inhabited place in the world and with archeological wonders that cover all of Amman’s history. Very close by is the famous Roman Theater where cultural events are still held.