Algiers, Algeria

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Flights to Algiers, Algerian capital on the Mediterranean

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Sun 01/03/2020 to Tue 31/03/2020

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SAUDIA flies you to Algiers, white crescent wrapped around a dazzling blue sea.

Alger la Blanche (Algiers the White)’s heart is its casbah, climbing the rising landscape that surrounds the city. The casbah is a UNESCO World Heritage site in part because of its blending of different architectures from varying times during the city’s history and occupants but also because of its intense present sense of community. This is the true Algiers, crisscrossed with steep stairways up the distinctive hills that buttress the city. One of the city’s most splendid mansions, Dar Hassan Pacha, is located here and doubles as a museum with a collection of contemporary calligraphy. Also in the casbah is the Ketchaoua Mosque. This religious building was constructed under the Ottomans in the 17th century. Very close by, and near the water, is the Great Mosque of Algiers erected long before, in 1097. Its columns have steadfastly witnessed the town’s history as it unfolds.

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Algiers’s story can be told through some of its monuments, including the Martyrs' Memorial. The enormous three concrete arched sides imitate palm leaves and stretch high above the city at 92 meters. For those interested in history of the long time ago variety, the Bardo National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography chronicles times before writing in Algeria. Its home itself is worth the visit: an old Moorish villa. The Grand Poste from 1910 dominates a square and its interior dazzles as much as its exterior impresses with intricate Andalusian-inspired designs: this is the mail service made art. The Jardin d'Essai botanical gardens offer a change in building material scenery with bursting green Mediterranean plants and trees. Walking amongst them could sooth even the weariest traveler. The Martyrs’ Memorial can be seen up on the hill from its long wide pathways lined with palm trees. If you’ve tired yourself out sightseeing, be sure to try Algiers’ famous couscous. Check to see if the dishes you’re having at home stand up to the original.