Alexandria, Egypt

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Flights to Alexandria, Egypt, lighthouse of culture.

Flights to Alexandria, Egypt , north Africa

SAUDIA flies you in comfort to this Egyptian city on the Mediterranean coast. Travel to Alexandria from Riyadh, King Khalid International with SAUDIA and enjoy some of its incredible beaches. Take a tram along the coast; the network was the first in Africa in the early 1860s. Catch a game at Alexandria Stadium, used during the 2006 African Cup of Nations and built in 1929 which makes it the oldest stadium in Egypt. Football/soccer isn’t the only game in town: Alexandria has also hosted AfroBasket a total of four times.

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SAUDIA flies you to Alexandria, city on the sea.

Alexandria has been a wonder of the world since ancient times and its famous library, burned in battle, long missed. The city commemorates this cultural heritage through the enormous Bibliotheca Alexandrina, with space for eight million books, a conference center, several museums, and a planetarium. The Cavafy Museum is in the apartment the poet lived more than 20 years in and provides a more intimate peek at national letters. To learn about the city’s general history, visitors may want to go to the Alexandria National Museum. Outside of museum pieces indoors, the Roman period Pompey’s Pillar, one of the largest ancient monoliths at 20 meters, towers over viewers. The Catacombs of Kom Ash Shuqqafa are a top archeological site but this time beneath the ground and within walking distance of the pillar. The Kom Al Dikka site, safely above ground, contains the only Roman amphitheater in Egypt. A later addition from 1477, built on the site of the ancient lighthouse, is the Citadel of Qaitbay. Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque was erected near the fort. Many mosques have been built and rebuilt on the site since the 13th century. Alexandria’s main Souq district is bursting with basic necessities from food to clothing to household items as well as precious metals and your heart’s delight of spices. After the smells and excitement of the Souq, you might want to walk through the Montazah Palace and Royal Gardens with their tall palm tree rows and two 19th and 20th century palaces. Perhaps one of Alexandria’s most curious features is that many of the city’s antiquities, like Cleopatra’s palace and Pharos Island, are now hidden beneath the sea, so get ready to get wet and scuba dive down a few meters to visit them.

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