Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Flights to the capital of Saudi Arabia, a hotspot for history, business and shopping

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SAUDIA takes you to Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport. Book your flight to the Kingdom’s political, financial and administrative capital here. Travel to Riyadh from Jeddah, King Abdulaziz International with SAUDIA, with its fleet of luxurious Dreamliners, letting you travel to Riyadh in comfort, style, and safety.

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Travel to Riyadh, a melting pot of Saudi tradition and the ultra modern

'A city which is as enticing for its historic centre as it is for its modern shopping malls and commercial centres. Historic Ad’Diriyah, the UNESCO World Heritage site where the first Saudi state was established in 1745, is under restoration, and boasts the newly opened Al-Bujari district, with spectacular views of the palace and the city ruins. Step back in time and visit the marketplace, or pass a quiet moment next to one of the waterfalls. The National Museum offers eight halls of artefacts and documents chronicling the country’s history, while the nearby Al-Masmak Fortress, a 19th century architectural diamond symbolises King Abdul Aziz’s unification of the country. The ancient castle hosts a museum within its 18 metre adobe towers. For something completely different visit the Kingdom Centre, Saudi Arabia’s tallest skyscraper and a shopping centre that is home to top brands. Or take a tour of Al Faisaliah Tower, the city’s first skyscraper, which mixes shopping with sightseeing. After touring the three story '+${Give more details}+'mall stop and enjoy views of Riyadh from the observation deck.'

Travel in serenity from Jeddah to the garden city of Riyadh

Relax in Riyadh, the ‘garden’ city which welcomes visitors in search of both nature and entertainment. After a busy day sightseeing and shopping why not unwind in the outdoor retreat Wadi Hanifah, a valley now transformed into a public park, where you can enjoy nature trails, lakes, and breezy picnic spots. Riyadh doesn’t mean ‘garden’ for nothing. Or relax with a cup of gahwa, a light, aromatic coffee that is a Bedouin tradition and local speciality. A drink that is served to symbolise welcome and respect, it will make you feel right at home after your flight to Riyadh. If you are lucky enough to arrive in late winter / early spring you can enjoy the Al Janadriyah Cultural Festival, a combination of history, air show, and world fair – and a celebration of all things Saudi. Running for two weeks every year since 1985, the festival offers camel racing, a rare opportunity to watch public dancing, and traditional arts and crafts. It is also the perfect occasion to watch the locals let their hair down.