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Flights to Manila, Pearl of the Orient

Flights to Manila with SAUDIA

SAUDIA takes you to Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Book your flight to this city on the coast. Travel to Manila from Jeddah, King Abdulaziz International with SAUDIA, making the long haul feel just like the break you needed. SAUDIA offers Skylounge at MNL for its Aflursan Gold and Silver customers. Alfursan Gold is for our incredibly loyal fliers. On top of other benefits with SAUDIA and our partners, Alfursan Gold provides 50% reward miles bonus on all eligible flights. To earn an Alfursan Gold card, you have to be an intensive international flier with us, with over 50,000 Status Miles in a year.

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April 1849 SAR
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Sun 01/03/2020 to Tue 31/03/2020

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1849 SAR

Flights to Manila, tropical weather year-round.

Take advantage of the sunshine and roam the city. In Manila you’ll want to jump on a crowded Jeepney to get around. These open-air vehicles are refurbished Jeeps that now flaunt their wonderfully colorful decorations while navigating Manila’s famously jammed roads. Let a local take the wheel and enjoy the ride, jostling with your fellow passengers. The Port of Manila is the biggest in the Philippines on Manila Bay, one of the loveliest natural inlets in Asia. It’s no wonder it has been a stopover for traders and travelers for hundreds of years. A tribute to the importance of the water in the city is the Ocean Park, which will bring you face to face with all the wildlife just beyond the horizon and under the container ships bringing goods in and out of the metropolis. Be sure to visit the barrio of Intramuros, the old Spanish city, with its famous Fort Santiago. After scampering along the walls, Manila locals often go to Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, named after the national hero, to catch a game of basketball, one of the Philippines’ favorite sports.

Travel with class from Jeddah to Manila, a fully modern city.

Manila is known as a trendy Asian capital and as such it has its fair share of coffee. Visitors will not be disappointed by the quality of the beverage at the spots where locals and visitors alike relax over a cup: Manila is famous for its coffee brews. The rich mixture of cultures native to the Philippines and of its visiting cultures means the food is likewise varied and distilled to cross-cultural perfection. Some, though, is locally distinctive: balut, duck embryo eaten from the shell, is a regional specialty and favorite. After lunch, take a stroll through one of Manila’s numerous parks, like Luneta, or Rizal Park, and its 60 hectares of green lawns and gardens.